Song sound familiar?

Doowop = Greatest MC / DJ!

I like the song though for what it is.

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YESSSSS!!!! Just the news I needed to hear from the atrocious day I've been having so far.

The fight will be held in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand on July 26th on PPV.

This fight has so much riding on it. You got the 1 guy who everyone wants Floyd to fight (Cotto) against the guy some say Floyd was duckin a few years back (Margarito).

Some would say this is a tough fight to call, but I don't see it that way. Cotto is far more superior with his boxing skills, has great footwork, and has built up his speed and defense quite impressively. Margarito, coming off another KO win over Kermit Cintron, ironically had a June 9th fight with Cotto last year but turned it down to fight up and coming Welterweight Paul Williams only to lose by unanimous decision.

I couldn't tell you how Cotto will come in and do in the fight because he continuously switches his style up during the fight. It really all depends on how Margarito comes in, which will probably be coming straight forward and pressuring Cotto (which Cotto is very good at doing too). Regardless, both guys will put on a hell of a show and I got Cotto winning by late TKO. gotta think these 2 guys will be in attendance for this one:


LOL @ Chris Berman. I posted the Bill O'Reilly one a few days ago. These always get a laugh out of me.


Dude actually did his thing. I could never imagine any of these songs acoustically played.


Next month!!


For those who didn't see the now infamous Soulja Girl video, check this first:

Had enough ignorance yet?

Well thankfully for those who have more time on their hands than us, here is the Soulja Girl song. Granted the video above isn't entirely funny considering who the girl was yelling at, but it makes for a funny ass song.

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LOL. I actually love hearing this dude talk. He also has some stuff to say about Miguel Cotto regarding the possibility of a Cotto vs Floyd fight.



Now I saw the original and took it for what it was. Though it was a bit biased at times, it was very informative and well put together.

But what are they going to talk about in the sequel? Bush is about to be out and he threw a lot of jabs at him in the 1st movie, but how relevant will this be now?

I'd actually like to see what he's got planned though.

Read the story here: Comingsoon.Net


I was actually pollyin' with my man about which Common album was his best (you know...random Hip Hop talk) and I hold Like Water for Chocolate along with One Day It'll All Make Sense in very high regard. Like Water for Chocolate today is mostly remembered as the late Dilla's opus producing a good chunk of the album including what I call Comm's first hit "The Light" (I still hear that song from time to time on the radio). With all that being said, I put in LWFC for nostalgic purposes and totally forgot Premier had one of the highlights of the album with 6th Sense. I remember going to the Spitkicker show around the time LWFC was set to release and Comm shut the music off and gave a small speech only to end off with "...the revolution will not be televised...". As far as the crowd? Can we say...LOST IT???

Definitely one of my favorite artists and producers together making in my eyes an incredible joint that doesn't get the notoriety it deserves 8 years later. Enjoy.


Ewwwww...not sure about this one. It's stated that it will be a live Musical (which isn't far off I guess considering they were puppets and they sand songs).

I was definitely a fan of the show as a kid...I mean, who wasn't? But I don't know if they can capture the same feeling for the new generation of kids who probably have never heard of Fraggle Rock.

We shall see.

Story: Comingsoon.Net


Damn, what a bad break. Here come the "Free Remy Ma" shirts

The defendant, who could have faced up to 25 years in prison, was teary-eyed as she heard the sentence. She says the shooting last summer was an accident; an appeal is planned.

After the sentencing, a man identified by court officers as Remy Ma's fiance, fellow rapper Papoose, began screaming in a hallway outside the courtroom. "All you want is money!" he said, apparently referring to the victim.

"Lock me up! Lock me up!" he then shouted to court officers, who instead escorted him to an elevator and out of the courthouse.

Rest of the story: NY Post


We're really trying to push this record! Add it to your Myspace pages, download it, upload it on your iPods, Zunes, etc, etc etc!!! We need your support on this one.

Trust me when I tell you...we got some big surprises in the works...I'll leave it at that.


This is one of the funniest radio interviews I've ever heard. The chick interviewing seems to ignore (or like?) the fact that dude is calling her a bitch throughout the interview nonchalantly (I mean why not...the fuckin guy knocked out Suge Knight).


This is when Bill was with Inside Edition. They're apparently doing a taping of the show and he begins going nuts when things start going wacky with the production staff.


This is a spoof video on the World Rap Championships pitting FL reps Parable & Mad Illz against none other'll see LOL


I couldn't update as much this weekend due to Mr Liu's Bachelor party festivities.

So let's see...

*Suge got KTFO outside a club:

*After all the shit talkin Junior Witter's been at for years trying to snag a fight with Ricky Hatton, he takes a loss against...Tim Bradley??

*The Utah Jazz & San Antonio Spurs aren't done just yet...

*Did anyone see Lebron's block on Saturday????


Nah...I'm dead serious...

My man Fyfe hit me off with this and all I can say is...WOW!

Somebody had a lot of time on their hands, but we reap the benefits as always lol.

Eli Porter Mixtape

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