Prom Night Trailer

Author: RL

Another remake...But this looks a bit promising and better than the original which starred Jamie Lee Curtis.


Jigaboo Jones

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I've been following this cat for sometime now. Most people would call his videos the most ignorant shit on Earth, but fuck it...If Americans can be ignorant enough to believe we're at war for a good cause then this dude is a walk in the park.

Enjoy LOL


Beyond.FM's focus is in "exposing digital content to the masses and allowing artists, musicians and photographers to create awareness and new-found revenue streams." From the Beyond.FM website:

As the mainstream Music/Record/Entertainment Industry fights over competing methods to aggravate the consumer and offer discouraging DRM techniques, continuously finding new ways to make the common American citizen feel like a common criminal, the time is NOW for a paradigm shift bringing the "personal," "social," and "meaningful" music purchasing experience BACK to the consumer.

If this model works, this will be a very good look for a lot of us!



I know all of you have seen the commercial where BK removes the Whopper from the menu to the customers' surprise.

Here's how the hood reacts. LOL!


Check another one of Gary Coleman's ebay listings. This time it's a pair of autographed Gap khaki pants. I'm starting to feel bad for homie.

Ebay Link:
Gary's Ebay Listing


Cameron Fired

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I think a lot of people saw this coming. I'm interested in seeing how Parcells will pull this franchise up from the dirt it dug itself in this year.



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Classic pic of George Lucas, Harrison Ford, and Steven Spielberg on the set of the new Indy movie.


Gotta Love It

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GSP murked Hughes. Totally outclassed.


This is my joint!


Welcome 2008!

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Happy New Year to everyone! Hope none of ya'll woke up on someone's lawn at 7:30am lol (trust me, it's possible).

I've been off the blog a little bit trying to enjoy the holidays and get away from the almighty net.

I couldn't have asked for a better holiday than the one I had this year. Not only did I finally get an iPod (I'm serious...), get surprised with an XBox 360, but ya man took the plunge and got engaged! Still feels crazy sayin it, but I wouldn't change it for the world. Love You baby!

Ok, so now it's 2008 and the motivation couldn't be more on point than it is now. Expect a lot of new music this year with ya man's stamp on it from Soul Street Symphony, Shakespeare, Phase One, Major League, Lucian, Kurious, etc.

Time to get stupid!!