Fuck whatever else you got planned tonight besides watchin possibly the fight of the year! Miguel Cotto vs Shane Mosley is finally here and all the skeptics predicitons will be put to the side and the real show will begin.

My Predictions:
Grant it I'm biased towards Cotto, but I'm not looking past Mosley whatsoever. He's fast and has punching power. He'll need to get at Cotto early to do any damage as Cotto really begins his onslaught in the mid-late rounds as was proven in his past fights. Cotto on the other hand has the advantage with youth and devestating power punches to the body that will slow down Shane's speed. He has to get those body shots going early to shut down Mosley's speed which is really Mosley's real chance in this fight.

I'm looking for a 10th rd KO by Cotto in a nutzoid Madison Square Garden. I already got my Puerto Rican attire ready to go!!!

The rest of the card actually looks really good too:
Joel Casamayor vs. Jose Armando Santa Cruz, 12 rounds, for Casamayor's Ring magazine/WBC interim lightweight title; Antonio Margarito vs. Golden Johnson, 12 rounds, welterweights; Victor Ortiz vs. Carlos Maussa, 10 rounds, junior welterweights

Weigh in:


Tonight's college game with Miami and Virginia will be the last game played at the historic Orange Bowl that has been the home of the Dolphins '72 season and the Dynasty that was the Miami Hurricanes during the 80's and mid 90's. I actually had the opportunity to see Michael Jackson and Jackson 5 during the Reunion tour in '83 which was fuckin bananas (and ironically the 1st time I smelled the scent of weed).

Soon after the college football season is over they'll more than likely be demolishing the stadium. Whether or not it's to build the Marlins stadium is yet to be seen.



Wow...my man Fyfe sent me the link to Gary Coleman's EBAY page where he's selling his Game Cube signed by him with games. Hopefully he can get enough guap to buy some lotion cause Cot Damn!!!

Ebay Link


This is the classic Arnold Schwarzenneger soundboard crank call where he deals with a Gateway representative. But the added cartoon footage makes this shit even more hysterical.


The Kelly Pavlik vs Jermain Taylor rematch has officially been set for Feb 16th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas...and yes...it'll be on HBO PPV. I'm gettin it regardless!!!

In related news, according to ESPN.com Kelly Pavlik needed to get 100 stitches after cutting his arms and hands after they went through a window he was tryin to repair (what fuckin timing). But his training camp is sayin he'll be fine.

So for 2008 we already have:

Roy Jones vs Felix Trinidad
Kermit Cintron vs Paul Williams
Kelly Pavlik vs Jermain Taylor 2
Oscar De La Hoya vs either Miguel Cotto or Ricky Hatton

Lookin crazy!!!


I think this is pretty obvious and probably long over due. WWE has posted on their site that they've officially released Chris Masters. The steroid issue had to be one of the reasons for his release, but overall he was just a bad performer. Some body builders can make it off their look and charisma alone (i.e. Hogan, Luger). But Masters was just a joke from the very beginning.

Is he TNA bound? Hmmmmm...don't hold your breath.


I don't why I'm laughing...but I am


Man I've been waitin for these Penny's to be re-released!!! Both the Pippen II's & Penny's will drop in Fall 2008. Fuck that's a long time to wait...


It seems the Wu are getting more press on their differences than the actual album. Raekwon lets it out on the line.

(from: MissinfoTV)


I didn't even realize until recently that Roberto Duran is sparring in this scene with Rock.


This is taken from an interview on Rolling Stone where Nas breaks down all the songs on his upcoming Greatest Hist CD.

Here's a interesting clip of the interview about him and Q-Tip working on One Love:

"Q-Tip used to come and hang out with me in my projects from time to time. I remember him coming out there and hanging out, and I remember him letting me hang out at his session when he was working on Midnight Marauders. I thought he was just the most incredible, so to have him producing my album, for him to even do the chorus for me is a blessing. The song just came from life, it's a song about letters to prison inmates, friends of mine, shout-outs to childhood friends and their uncles and people who were like family to me. I was, again, too young to be going through all of that. That's what I think about when I hear that album. I was too young to be going through all of that."


What the fuck is wrong with this kid?? First he gets in a car wreck putting some kid in the hospital which in turns caused him to have permanent brain damage according to sources and now this? Here's the story:

Clearwater PD today released details of their investigation into the August 26 crash. In addition to being arrested for reckless driving involving serious bodily injury, cops also cited Hogan for use of a motor vehicle in the commission of a felony, a person under the age of 21 operating a vehicle with a breath-alcohol level of .02 or higher and having and Illegal window tint.

Police also concluded that although Hogan and a second car were racing right before the crash, the driver of the second car was not a direct cause of the accident. That driver has also been ticketed for reckless driving.

Hogan was going 60 mph in a 40 mph zone when he lost control and hit a tree.

Here's video footage of his arrest:

Nick Hogan Arrest Video

(from: TMZ)


GI Joe Nike pack

Author: RL

Nike's makin a killing with these retro packs. Can we see a Justice League or Voltron packs???

BTW, those Vandals are fuckin ill!


Get your pen and pads out and take notes.


Word is that Brock Lesnar will make his UFC debut at UFC 81 against former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir.

You have to go with Lesnar just off brute strength and his wrestling ability. But you can't look past Frank Mir. A simple ankle lock can shatter Lesnar's dreams of big pay days in the UFC. I'll update more as that time comes.


This is a clip from the Opie & Anthony show where Chris Jericho & Jim Norton start arguing over practically nothing, but it's pretty funny.

Pt 1:

Pt 2:


The question I get from a lot of my fellow producers, artists, etc is where do I get my inspiration from to make music. With the lack of genuine & conceptual music these days, I always catch myself turning back the clock and finding what I'm looking for. Now this doesn't necessarily mean looking for music to sample, but just looking for that vibe that gets the creative juices flowin & overall are timeless pieces of work. I can give you a monster list, but I'll break it down the my top 2 for now.

There's not much more I can say about this album but that it's possibly the greatest soul album of all time. Some might say that's a bit far fetched, but if you listen thoroughly to the music and the message this man was giving back then looking at what we have now, this is nothin short of heaven on disc.

Who doesn't light up when they hear Earth Wind & Fire??? I've never heard a group harmonize and bring that soul like they do. Whether it's a ballad or a straight party joint...they got it all. I'm dyin' to see these cats perform once in my life.

Part 2 coming soon...


In what could be called Fight of the Year (at least until this Saturday's fight), Joe Calzaghe & Mikkel Kessler proved that boxing is not dead what so ever. Both dudes for the first 7-8 rounds were just throwing hands and putting the pressure on one another...a real throwback fight.
Calzaghe got hit with a few shots that stunned him, but Kessler never made the initiative to stick with Calzaghe and capitalize on those straight right hands that were landing flush. Joe fought his fight and landed enough punches to give him a unanimous decision to become the Undisputed Supper Middleweight Champion.

Up next for Calzaghe?:

This might be Bernard's retirement fight...


This is Dres talking about how The Choice is Yours came about from D-Nice's DTV (man everyone and they're mom's brother in laws cousin has a web based TV show now huh...)


Surviving The Times

I wasn't really feelin' this song when I first heard it, but it's growing on me. But the video is really dope.


In case ya'll have been living under a rock...here you go.


No...Sly is not done. Comingsoon.net is reporting that Sylvester Stallone is slated to direct and star in the remake of the Charles Bronson classic Death Wish.

The original was about a man's family being attacked by street thugs leaving his wife dead and daughter mentally distraught from a vicious raping. The man seeks revenge and takes down the thugs vigilante style.

Production is set to begin in early March '08

Wouldn't it be crazy if Sly got Herbie Hancock back for the score??????