This is a remake of a Spanish horror movie called Rec. that came out last year over seas.

Of course, we must have a US version. But if this as good or better than the original, you'll be in for a treat.

The movie tells the story about a news reporter and a cameraman, a group of firefighters and the the local residents of an apartment building, locked in the apartment building by officials...when a deadly virus is discovered infecting the population of the building, turning the infected into the unthinkable.


I saw this video last year, but some of you may or may have not seen it. Pretty funny stuff and also includes a small cameo by 9th Wonder.

If you're reading this Just, You ain't got shit on me homeboy!


One of my favorite Jamiroquai joints. If you haven't heard this group's music, missing out isn't even a term I can use. Get Wid it!!!


For those who don't know, HBO Boxing commentator Max Kellerman was a rapper along with his late brother in the early 90's in a group simply titled Max & Sam...and they were signed to Ruffhouse (WTF?)

Honestly, this joint ain't that bad. Kinda fits what Kellerman eventually turned out to be.


I read some rumors about this a few months back, but realistically it was a long shot with Tyson, I believe, living outside the country and not in any shape to box and Holyfield...well...It's Holyfield.

But now talks are being brought up against and sources are claiming the fight is in the works for a possible September date in Missouri.

The sad shit is that I'd actually would like to see this fight more than any of the other potential fights the disgraceful Heavyweight division has to offer.

More on the story:
Fight Hype


In preparation for Saturday's fight




WTF is wrong with these kids??? Apparently a bunch of Cheerleaders set this girl up and brought her to their crib and beat her to the point where she's deaf in one ear and has damage to one of her eyes.

If you're 16-17 yrs old and you do some dumb shit like this, you deserve what you get. Throw them hoes in the cell.


Personally, I couldn't be more proud for dude.

Here's an interview conducted by HipHopDX where he talks about his new album (mostly produced by The Neptunes??) as well as his upcoming movies.

Interview excerpts:
DX: Common, what’s interesting is how on the screen you’re primarily these tough guys, but on your CDs you’re one of the most likable cats in the worlds. You like walking both sides?
C: When I first began acting, I would tell my teacher that I wanted to do some dark roles. I’m always viewed as the poet, conscious, loving guy. That’s who I am. That’s the core of me. But there are some darker things that I felt could be expressed. It also gave me the opportunity to be an actor, to take on a role that was different from me. When you’re playing yourself, you don’t get acknowledged. For me, as an artist, I feel it’s more challenging to be an actor that takes on roles that really become a character who does things different from who I am. I’ve done some of these dark characters. I’m looking forward to doing something like playing a priest or a banker. I have had guns in most of my films. This is total opposite of...

Rest of the Interview:


Wow...I didn't see this coming.

Tim Sylvia recently parted ways with Dana White & the UFC, so this fight actually makes sense and is a good tune up for Fedor as a super fight between Fedor & Randy Couture is tentatively scheduled for November of this year.

I got Fedor by stoppage.

Top ranked heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko (Pictures) will fight Tim Sylvia (Pictures) on July 19. The Russian mixed martial arts champion confirmed the bout to on Tuesday.

"[Sylvia] is a good fighter, a strong fighter, the former UFC heavyweight champion, which is important," Emelianenko said via telephone from Stary Oskol, Russia. "I am looking forward to fighting him and training hard for this fight."

Rest of the story:


LMAO! All I Can Say...


This will be Pac's first fight at Lightweight. I honestly don't think Diaz has anything Pac hasn't seen before. Diaz is coming off a big win against Erik Morales last year and a win against Manny would be huge.

The main issue has to be the weight and if Manny can transfer over his speed and power to the Lightweight Division. The fight will be on HBO PPV.

Are we close to a Pacquiao vs Hatton fight for 2009??? With Hatton on Golden Boy now, anything's possible.


I'm pullin for Kermit. I still think Margarito is overrated.


According to Live Nation, both May & Jay are doing a killing on their tour off the 1st 8 dates grossing approximately $9 Million and are eying a total of over $33 Million over 28 dates.

Shouldn't these 2 just do a fuckin album together? How crazy would that be!

Rest of story:
Jay & Mary = Money


Oh man...this is really horrible. Apparently Miguel Cotto is dropping long time trainer / Uncle Evangelista Cotto. There's history of some trouble between the 2 but was kept under wraps.

The question automatically becomes, who's going to train Cotto now? Well sources are saying his new trainer is none other than Buddy McGirt.

He will relocate his training from Puerto Rico to Florida following his fight this Saturday against Alfonso Gomez.

I really don't like this move at all. McGirt hasn't been a successful trainer for quite sometime now and I don't see how he's going to improve Cotto anymore or get him to an elite status prepping for a future super fight against Floyd Mayweather.

This blows...

Rest of the story:

Cotto Sr. has stated that the news of Evangelista Cotto leaving as Miguel's trainer are false and that the camp will remain as is. I still think there's internal problems, but at least Buddy McGirt is out of the picture.


Great game. Calipari made some crucial coaching mistakes along with missed free throws from Memphis. But those were definitely the 2 best teams in the country playing for the National Title. Congrats to Kansas.


This is from Ms Jones' show on Hot 97 this morning.

50: "Floyd's no longer undefeated" LOL

But he did admit it wasn't a full fledged fight and more like a scuffle.

Hot 97 Audio with 50:


LOL...saw this on Mick Boogie's page. This is a parody to Jimmy Kimmel's "I'm Fucking Matt Damon (and Ben Affleck)" sketches.


This was the same show which featured Common & Jazzy Jeff in Miami last week.


Am I the only one who thinks Tito should just hang it up already? Who can he realistically fight that won't beat him at 168?

"HBO has offered us the last week of September or the first one of October to have the fight with Taylor. And later we would be able to go against the winner of the fight between Joe Calzaghe and Hopkins," said King to El Nuevo Dia.

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Check my man Speaque Eazy (Schoolz of Thought / GBCees) aka Speaque Laveski droppin some supa dupa freshness. Speaque and I have some joints cookin in the oven, so stay tuned cabrons!!!!

Taxi Man

March Madness

Also check out the Schoolz of Thought album from '03 From Thought To Finish

**Sidenote** Speaque is responsible for giving me my Roberto Flack alias. The man is brilliant!


Some notables over the weekend...

Charlton Heston (1923-2008)

Actor & Activist Charlton Heston passed away on Saturday due to unknown circumstances. He was widely known for his role in the original Planet of the Apes & Ben Hur. He was 84.

Jay & Beyonce Finally Tie the Knot?

Word is they finally tied the knot for a private gathering of close friends and family. It's also been said they're having a 2nd ceremony in France next month (Money Aint A Thang is for sure...). Some that attended the wedding were Beyonce's parents, Jay's mom, and Gweneth Paltrow (who's a close friend of Beyonce).

North Carolina Takes a nasty "L" in the Final Four

Talk about an overall ass whipin. At one point Kansas was up 40-13 only for UNC to make a comeback closing the lead down to 5. But Kansas was too much for them and won a trip to the NCAA Championship game beating UNC 84-66.