Personally, I couldn't be more proud for dude.

Here's an interview conducted by HipHopDX where he talks about his new album (mostly produced by The Neptunes??) as well as his upcoming movies.

Interview excerpts:
DX: Common, what’s interesting is how on the screen you’re primarily these tough guys, but on your CDs you’re one of the most likable cats in the worlds. You like walking both sides?
C: When I first began acting, I would tell my teacher that I wanted to do some dark roles. I’m always viewed as the poet, conscious, loving guy. That’s who I am. That’s the core of me. But there are some darker things that I felt could be expressed. It also gave me the opportunity to be an actor, to take on a role that was different from me. When you’re playing yourself, you don’t get acknowledged. For me, as an artist, I feel it’s more challenging to be an actor that takes on roles that really become a character who does things different from who I am. I’ve done some of these dark characters. I’m looking forward to doing something like playing a priest or a banker. I have had guns in most of my films. This is total opposite of...

Rest of the Interview:


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