The original was actually one of my favorite VHS rental joints in the 80's. It starred Lost's Terry O'Quinn as a mentally disturbed man who kills his family trying to make the perfect family. He then changes his identity and "minor" facial features to hop to another family to give it another stab (no pun intended).


[Dylan Walsh] stars as David Harris, very much a "family values" man who mysteriously comes into the lives of single mothers with children and becomes the dream man they always wanted. When he woos Susan Harding [Sela Ward] and eventually moves in with her family, her teenage son Michael [Penn Bagdley] begins to suspect that David is not quite the dream man he pretends to be. Along with his girlfriend Kelly [Amber Heard] and Susan's friends [Paige Turco and Sherry Stringfield] they slowly start to piece together the mystery of the man who is set to become their stepfather, but they may be too late in getting to the truth.


Oh man...greatest cameo in a rap video in years! The song grew on me too.

Courtesy of On Smash:


I'm there!


LOL, I went down a list of candidates that can possibly take out the enigmatic Cloverfield Monster (or should he just be nicknamed Cloveezy?).

Most of us who have seen the movie know that this monster is fuckin huge. Its arms stretch out to the length of a skyscarper (i.e Empire State Building). It had Stealth Fighters & Tanks dropping bombs on it & Military using Rocket Launchers with little to no effect (so we were made to think). So who can really stop this fucker? here's a list of candidates:

1. Godzilla

This is the obvious for people actually thought Cloverfield was an undercover name for a secret Godzilla project (which is stupid to think). Godzilla is a huge bitch as well and can spit (hot) fire on command. He's faced plenty of foes in his time and always seems to come out on top. He retired from killing people & monsters after a terrible portrayal in the early 90's version of himself. Since then he became embedded in Pop Culture history with his own star on the walk of fame.
Can we see the return of Godzilla in the very near future? Holla @ Paramount.

2. Rock Biter (from The Neverending Story)

This guy, though another huge bitch, seems a little too soft to handle Cloveezy. After both the Neverending Story movies, word got out that he tried inventing the "Pet Rock" until he was informed he was years behind the invention. He's now an actual Mountain Top in the Appalachian Mts during the week from 9 to 5pm. A fight with Cloveezy though could get him back in the public eye and raise his stock up win or lose.

3. Medusa

I mean...the bitch freezes people. How can she not work? Since she was decapitated in Clash of the Titans she hasn't had much work for obvious reasons. But that doesn't necessarily mean her "head" & eyes can't help neutralize Cloveezy (in more ways than one possibly?)

4. Jason Voorhees

This dude has survived an axe to the the dome, electrocution, actually died and was brought back to life from a bolt of lightning, drowned...need I go on?
The Iconic Jason Voorhees can possibly take out anybody if given the opportunity. He defeated long time rival Freddy Krueger (who most thought he would catch an L to) a few years ago and since has been lampin on Crystal Lake which he renovated himself and is planning to turn into a theme park for kids between the age of 16-19 (no surprise there). He's slated to make his on screen return next year in a revival of his Friday the 13th series which has made him a Cazillionaire. he'll be featured in Forbes 100 next month.

5. Victor Crowley (aka Hatchet)

A lot of you probably don't know who this is. He was the star of the soon to be cult classic Hatchet. Let this video bring you up to date as why he'd even be mentioned on this list:

As you can see this guy is fuckin angry about something. Word is he's a hardcore Mets fan. Since their tragic self destruction last year leading the NL East 2 weeks prior to the post season only to lose the majority of their games giving the Phillies the NL East, he's become incredibly violent. He now travels the country dismantling anybody who is a Phillies or Yankees fan with imaginative yet unforgettable tactics.
A date with Cloveezy (especially in NY) can be an incredible showdown for the ages.

6. Floyd "Money" Mayweather

Hey...why not? He's regarded as P4P the #1 fighter in the world. He's beaten everyone he's faced and is about to wrestle 7'4 Big Show at Wrestlemania. This would be another huge payday for Floyd, but could be a costly one. His jab and left hook can possibly be too fast for Cloveezy, but the question is how durable is Clove's chin (his back seems to take a lot of punishment from bombs and rockets)? Floyd has a pending fight with Oscar De La Hoya in September and a possible Mega Fight with Miguel Cotto, but can Cloveezy be his ultimate win? We shall see...


Akai tryin to make a quick buck again...

I'm still good with my 2000xl


Damn homie, you could've gone out with some dignity if she were partially fly LOL.

Related news:
Elliot Spitzer Resigns


I thought it was BS in the beginning, but I've heard from a lot of fight fans and fighters themselves that this actually happened.

Apparently they had a sparring session and Kimbo got laid out and never returned back to train. Now this isn't really much to bug about considering you shouldn't let it all out during sparring sessions. But with the abundance of Kimbo fans (who I see on a regular basis), this has to be a blow to them.

Here's the interview from some woman about the situation as well as stuff about Fedor & Couture.

Also, the funniest thing she said was when I asked her opinion on Kimbo, she said at first she was a bit skeptical, but he came in one day to their gym in Vega and showed he had a very tough heart and trained hard. Also, him and Forrest sparred and he was KO'd by Forrest and he never came back again!

Kimbo Gets KO'd/ Fedor vs Couture info

On a funnier note though, check Kimbo here in: What Would Kimbo Do pt 3


I saw this video a couple of weeks ago (from an undisclosed source). I know the "trendy" thing is poppin right now, but some of these songs are just getting absurd. Why the fuck would you wanna go back to havin a beeper??? LOL. I'm just ventin' a lil', but yea Kid Sister is flyer than a mutha. A-Trak you are one lucky mofo.


Feelin a bit nostalgic today...

This is probably my favorite James Brown joint ever. If you were ever a B Boy in your life, you'd understand why.


props to Fyfe:


Lost Boys 2 Trailer

Author: RL

Yea...The Cory's are in it LOL. The OG film was dope though.



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Smack someone if you see them rockin these on the street LOL


Originally set to be John Duddy vs Kelly Pavlik until Duddy's disappointing performance on the undercard of Snoozefest 2008 (aka Klitschko vs Ibragamov), Pavlik will now fight Wales prospect Gary Lockett on June 7th on HBO.

I've never seen dude fight, but Pavlik should run over this dude easy:


So far the Common & Just Blaze collab takes the cake IMO


Miami's Annual Dance Convention / Indy Hip Hop Extravaganza is towards the end of this month. If you're in the Miami area on the 28th, don't miss these shows/parties!


I actually never owned these when they originally dropped, but for $95..I may just cop for memorabilia purposes.

Courtesy of The Shoe Game


For those who don't know Timbaland signed a deal with Verizon to release exclusive ringtones produced by Tim himself that would be released every month.

But fuck that, look at his studio on the Verizon bus! This shit murks some quality studios I've been to personally.


I wasn't really mad at Superman Returns, but they did set it up for interesting sequels...if done right.

From ComingSoon.Net
Empire Online talked to director Bryan Singer, who says that he has started working on Superman: Man of Steel.

"I'm just getting back with writers after the strike. We're just in the development phase. I'm starting to develop a sequel...with the intention of directing it," he told the magazine.

About the negative reaction to the first film's focus on the drama instead of the action, Singer added, "The first one was a romantic film and a nostalgic film... And now that the characters are established, there's really an opportunity to up the threat levels."


Actually one of his better joints in a long while


This is from lastnight's Raw. Such coonery



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One day removed, but homage still payed to one of the "illest" of all time.


Mickey Factz

Author: RL

The general consensus I get from this dude is either straight love or straight hate. I fucks with dude.

Check his Myspace out at:

Be sure to check out his Back to the Future mixtape. Fuegisimo!

Here's a track you might've seen on some of the other blog pages:

Nahledge vs Factz:


Hatton signs with Golden Boy
In what is shocking...yet, not so shocking is the news that England's favorite Son Ricky Hatton, coming off a KO loss to Floyd Mayweather, signed a 3 fight deal with Oscar De La Hoya Golden Boy Promotions. Here's what I say to that...

LOL...what big fights are out there for Hatton? We shall see...

Campbell beats Diaz/ Peters KO's Maskaev
In what some called an upset, 36 yr old Nate Campbell beat undefeated Juan Diaz to capture "one of" the Lightweight titles Saturday on the undercard of the Samuel Peter vs Oleg Maskaev fight (which I'll get to in a sec).

Diaz won the 1st 3-4 rounds landing cleaner shots but Campbell was still almost as active as Diaz was at that point. Campbell got busy though throwing lots of body shots and straight combos which eventually cut Diaz's eye nasty!

The fight went the distance having Campbell win on a split decision (which I think was bullshit being Diaz maybe won 2 rounds after the 4th.) This is Diaz's 1st loss and a hefty one at that. But he's only 24 so I'm sure he'll bounce back some how.

In the 2nd fight it was another Heavyweight title up for grabs as Interim Champ Samuel Peter fought Actual champ Oleg Maskaev (WTF?). After the 1st 2 rounds it was without a doubt a much more competitive & entertaining fight than the snooze fest of Klitschko vs Ibragamov most of us witnessed a couple weeks ago. Both guys got hit with some solid shots, but Peter seemed to be the aggressor and began landing harder punches until Maskaev took 3 hard shots that put him in the corner for the ref to stop the fight.

Peter went on to say in the post fight interview that he'll fight either one of the Klitschkos being Vitali (who hasn't fought in nearly 2-3 years)is in line to fight Peter next. The Heavyweight division is still borning, but has a touch of garlic powder now...if you will.


LOL...comedy, though this looks sooooo set up


You can't go wrong with Deniro & Pacino on the silver screen together. But the big hoorah about this movie seems to be more of the supporting role played by our favorite beef tenderizer Curtis.