Star of Grudge 2 has reportedly landed the role of Wonder Woman for the upcoming Justice League movie. I can't believe this movie is finally being made.


Casting for the GI Joe movie begins this February which will be directed by Stephen Sommers (Van Helsing, The Mummy Returns, The Mummy). Interestingly enough GI Joe's comics were distributed by Marvel in the 80's during the cartoon run. I wonder if they're slappin the Marvel logo for this one. We'll have to wait and see.

I'm not too excited yet, but I'm sure the first time I get a glimpse of Snake Eyes I'll be sold (pause...)


A wax figure of BIG is on display in NY at Madame Tussaud’s.

Not bad for the most part. But I did come across a wax figure that's a bit more entertaining.



The Heat finally did the right thing and got rid of some dead weight when they traded Antoine Walker, Wayne Simien, & Micheal Doleac (seen above) to Minnesota for Ricky Davis & Mark Blount (seen below).

Now a lot of Heat fans are already scratching their heads with this one, but it might actually be beneficial in the long run. Doleac, Walker, & Simien were on borrowed time. Grant it Walker was a big piece of the championship run, but it became obvious he was one of the spoiled who didn't get his shit in gear for a chance at a repeat with him being overweight & shooting horribly throughout the 06-07 season.

Now you bring 1 guy who's a scorer & a great defender in Davis & a big Center /Forward that can be an 3rd option between Shaq & Zo or maybe even Haslem in Blount.

This isn't the answer to their problems, but it might be a start.


So it's been announced that the 2nd Jermain Taylor beating will take place in early 2008. According to the original contract their rematch would have to take place 150 days after the 1st fight meaning it would take place sometime towards the end of February. As mentioned in the post fight commentary, the fight is set to be at 166lbs meaning it won't be for the Middleweight title.

The big wigs at HBO also mentioned that they haven't decided if it'll be an HBO fight or HBO PPV. With the 10,000 plus that were in attendance for their first fight expect this to go to PPV. Locations haven't been disclosed as of yet.

In other boxing news, word is there is a fight set for February 2nd pitting 2 of the 4 Welterweight champions Kermit Cintron & Paul Williams in a unification bout.

This should be a really dope fight. Though both fighters are Welterweight champs, this is a meaningful fight for both and could possibly set up a showdown with one of the recognized Welterweight champs Miguel Cotto (being that he beats Shane Mosley of course...which he will).
The New Year seems to be looking up for boxing. I see many festivities on the horizon!!


Oh took me about 20 minutes to stop laughing. The Iron Sheik has found a way to tap into the general public years after his prime with all these outlandish shoot interviews tellin people to "Shut the fuck up" and the famous" I'll fuck your ass and make you humble (pause)."

Here's a clip from Howard Stern's show where Artie pretends to be Iron Sheik Jr., a phony wrestler posing to be the "real" Iron Sheik. One of the funniest audio clips I've ever heard.


Click on the pics below to view trailers:


I'll let you know what I think later...getting my thoughts together.

American Gangster Preview


From the same dudes who brought you the "UPS is Hiring" video. Pretty damn funny.


Man...this season looks very dimm...

I've been tellin everyone the Heat missed a lot of key acquisitions over the off season with talks of Mike Bibby, Ron Artest, Jermaine O' Neal coming here to don a Heat uniform. I'm pullin for my dudes, but they way the East has upgraded this year I can't see how the boys are going to get it together to match up with teams like Boston, Chicago, or even Cleveland at this point.

Less than 2 weeks away from opening tip...


With all the hoopla about 9th Wonder leaving Little Brother, a lot of the message board hip hop fans began counting out the now duo out of North Carolina. Little Brother along with 9th brought back some what of a vintage sound that us 90's heads came up on and in turn brought them fans all over the world with their debut album The Listening.

Now with 9th gone and 3 albums later, Little Bro brings a new sound with much bigger production from the likes of Hi-Tek, Mr. Porter, Khrysis, Nottz, and Illmind. From their previous albums you can hear just off the intro the progression in their music.

For all you 9th Wonder lovers, give Phonte & Big Pooh a chance. I don't think you'll be disappointed at all. Very solid album.

Here are some snips:


Word is spreadin through the MMA world about former Pride Light Heavyweight Champ Dan Henderson coming back down to 185 to challenge Middleweight champ Anderson Silva.

C'mon Dana...this is big money here!!!


Yea my fetish continues...

So I missed out on a pair of '91 Bo Jackson Air Trainers with Yellow / Grey color scheme last year and was feelin mad salty. Now I see they're releasing both the Air Trainers and dunks to match!!!!

Count those in already...

Just in time for Halloween, along with the much anticipated "Freddy Dunks" and already released Dawn of the Dead Air Trainers comes the Voorhees dunks (as in Jason Voorhees for you idiots)! Nothing out of this world, but here they are:

Now most of the Jordan heads know that most of the retros next year will be released in packs ranging up to $300 retail. The 1st pack will be the X's & XIII's (yea if you haven't noticed, add the numbers up and see what you get...those little clever guys @ Jordan headquarters).

Here are the XIII's:

Oh...and who decided to mix the Uptowns (Air Force One mids to the younings) & Jordan V's and make a sneaker out that??? C'mon...

Borderline disgraceful...

( / leaked info that Sam Raimi's Ghosthouse Pictures are setting up shop for a 3rd Grudge movie. But this time, director Takashi Shimizu will not return (who directed the original and remake version of Grudge). There's no word yet on the storyline (what else can you do...the bitch can't die!!!).

Be on the lookout for The Grudge lunch boxes soon!! Those will be a hit at Elementary schools across the country.


With both teams ironically not even ranked in College's BCS poll, the UM vs FSU game seemed to be meaningless in the big scheme of things. Though there were countless turnovers on both sides, UM prevailed in an entertaining game and have ownership of Bragging Rights until next year where they'll play in Miami.

**Throws up the "U" **

I apologize Mr Liu...


I gotta hand it to Boston. Great pitching, clutch hitting. Can't ask for much more than that in the post season.
Let's see how well Colorado fairs with a lengthy rest since their sweep of the Diamondbacks.

As of right now...

Bo Sox in 6...


There was no "UFC Upset" at this one. Silva has to be put down as pound for pound the best in the UFC.

In case you missed it, here's the fight in it's entirety. Watch it before Dana White sends his internet goons to take it down!!!

Anderson Silva Vs Rich Franklin 2