Courtesy of OnSmash. I really like this joint!


Saw this on Rawkus Smoking Section:

Yours Truly did this one...but hey, I'm a Cotto fan LOL:


This is the dude who is training Kimbo Slice. But he's a seasoned veteran in the MMA world himself. I love how he describes the strikes lol.


Wow is all I can Say LOL!


Interview from Complex:

Pete Rock: My man, Troy (rest in peace) passed away, [it] hurt the whole community, we were all shocked. It dealt a heavy blow. I don’t know how I made that beat because I was depressed through it all, but when I heard the sample, it turned something on in my soul. The shit made me cry as soon as I heard it. Next thing you know, I was hanging out with Large Professor one day at his house. I finished making the beat over his house because I was just fucking around like that. I was learning how to use the S-900, it was a sampler. I had the beat already made, I just wanted to get the horns down and he showed me how to do it, but I was still having problems sampling it and getting it to play it out on my drum machine. I just used the SP and re-sampled the horns with the SP [SP-1200]. I guess when he heard it, he might have thought I did it the way I did it at his house, but I kinda re-did it through the SP. By the time that song was finished, I had Charlie Brown from Leaders of the New School in the session with me, and we all cried! The record just makes you cry. It just said to me right then and there, “This is for everyone who has lost a loved one.” Now, at every funeral, every wedding, that record is played.

Rest of the Interview:
Pete Rock Complex Interview


What a circus show lol...


This morning Floyd "Money" Mayweather and rapper 50 Cent appeared on New York hip hop radio station "Power 105". While talking about his upcoming match with the Big Show at WrestleMania XXIV, Mayweather told 50 Cent, "I'd like for you to bring me out [to the ring]". 50 answered, "I'm coming. I'm coming." confirms "50 Cent Joining Floyd Mayweather At 'WrestleMania' Match Against Big Show"

This would not be the first time 50 Cent was at Floyd Mayweather's side for a big fight. 50 rapped his hit song "I Get Money" while escorting Mayweather to the ring before his fight with Oscar De La Hoya last year.

In a recent interview with MTV News, Mayweather was asked about 50 Cent and said, "We got a friendship. We talk about business a little bit. We talked about it when Coca-Cola bought VitaminWater. He said, 'You didn't see what I just did?' .. I said 'Of course I did. Congratulations. Now you have to take me out to eat.'"


Uh Oh...New Shit!!!

Author: RL

It's been a while coming, but I finally got some new music for ya'll with my PNC BK Cyph as we are the Soul Street Symphony.

Stay Tuned...this is only the beginning...

So Right

Gucci Girl


C'mon ya''s free!

Video footage will be posted


I'm such a huge fan of the Air Max series. Though some of the 90s as of late have been sub par, these caught my eye.

Courtesy of


I don't play too much into the rap beefs considering a lot of it is "Planned Publicity", but Holy Shit is this funny...

50 is dropping a Mixtape on the 11th cleverly called "Elephant in the Sand" poking fun at Fat Joe. Here's what's on

But on a good note for Joe, Thank God For That White prod. by Premier is doooppeee!


Favre Retires

Author: RL

Great career


Wow...I guess Vince forgot to remind Floyd to "Act" while trying to build up the fight. Both Big Show & Floyd go back and forth and display some of the worst acting of all time.

Can we now say Floyd is becoming a Circus clown?


Pretty interesting discussion on the state of Hip Hop. My man LMS had some good points on here. Check it out:


I know this sounds a bit cliche', but WTF is wrong with today's youth??? What would drive anyone to kill a 4 year old baby??

Man, I really feel for Juvie. I can't imagine what's going through his head right now.

ATLANTA - The rap star Juvenile is "shocked and devastated" by the shooting death of his young daughter, the girl's mother and another child, his manager said Saturday.

The 32-year-old rapper is still trying to cope with the death of 4-year-old Jelani; her mother, 39-year-old Joy Deleston; and the woman's daughter Micaiah, 11, whose bodies were found Thursday night in their home, said manager Aubrey Francis.

"It really shocked him and devastated him to the point where I've never seen him before," Francis said. "Right now he is relaxing and trying to grasp everything of what has happened."

Meanwhile, 17-year-old Anthony Tyrone Terrell Jr. is being held in the DeKalb County jail, charged in the deaths of his mother — a Gwinnett County sheriff's deputy — and siblings at the home near Lawrenceville, outside Atlanta. He was arrested Friday.

Rest of the story:
Juvenile's Son Kills Family


Can we say Anderson Silva is the best P4P MMA fighter right now? After Saturday Night's performance against Pride Middleweight Champ Dan Henderson I don't see too many people disputing that statement. Fedor Amilienenko is still recognized as the #1 fighter in the world (considering he only has 1 disputed loss and has beaten almost every Heavyweight in the world), but he hasn't had enough exposure in the US (actually none at all) to where the general public can argue which is the best. Either way, Silva at this point is unbeatable.

The rest of the card was actually entertaining too specifically fights with Chris Leben (who I cant stand but manages to still win fights), Josh Coschek.

It was also announced that now HOF Mark Coleman will be fighting none other than Brock Lesnar. The fight will take place in August as Lesnar will have a (Tune Up?)fight in June against...somebody.

UFC are really doin it for '08 man. Bob Arum, Oscar De La Hoya...take notes. Boxing needs cards of this magnitude.