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Pete Rock: My man, Troy (rest in peace) passed away, [it] hurt the whole community, we were all shocked. It dealt a heavy blow. I don’t know how I made that beat because I was depressed through it all, but when I heard the sample, it turned something on in my soul. The shit made me cry as soon as I heard it. Next thing you know, I was hanging out with Large Professor one day at his house. I finished making the beat over his house because I was just fucking around like that. I was learning how to use the S-900, it was a sampler. I had the beat already made, I just wanted to get the horns down and he showed me how to do it, but I was still having problems sampling it and getting it to play it out on my drum machine. I just used the SP and re-sampled the horns with the SP [SP-1200]. I guess when he heard it, he might have thought I did it the way I did it at his house, but I kinda re-did it through the SP. By the time that song was finished, I had Charlie Brown from Leaders of the New School in the session with me, and we all cried! The record just makes you cry. It just said to me right then and there, “This is for everyone who has lost a loved one.” Now, at every funeral, every wedding, that record is played.

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