Word got out a while ago about a cameo from Ghostface in the Iron Man movie (which opens today). But from what people have been barkin about after watching early screenings is that Ghost's part was removed from the final cut.

So being I'm in a throwback mood, this one's for you Ghost


Saw this on Nah Right. I wonder who sat there and thought, "Let's make a spinning studio..". Shit is kinda fresh though, I can't front.

Spinning Studio from kwest on Vimeo.


LOL...found this quite funny, and ironically true LOL


Grabbed this from Unkut. They have a lengthy interview with Pete Rock where he talks about how ironically he didn't learn any production tips from Marley Marl (who Pete did with radio with early on in his career) but managed to produce one of Pete Rock & CL's first joints called Lethal Weapon


Just Because...

Author: RL

It's Beautiful...


Be on the lookout for Haz on the upcoming CNN album dropping I believe sometime this year. He's also mixed some of Our new joints as well.


ShockTillYouDrop released the first pics of the upcoming remake of Wes Craven's 70s Rape & Gorefest Last House on the Left. The original drew a shit load of controversy due to its disturbing death scenes and consequently was given the tag of "It's Only A Movie..." for it's marketing.

The story tells about a pair of adventurous teen girls that are kidnapped, raped and murdered by a gang of thugs. The killers unwittingly hole up in the home of one victim's parents, who, upon realizing what their guests did, devise gruesome revenge.

The movie is set to release later this year.


Man, they're really beastin' this time around. The Hulk looks a hell of a lot better and I'm glad he's got someone to fight instead of throwing trucks & tanks around.

HD Trailer:


Thanks to BK Cyph for this find. Can you imagine this when goes online?


I was picking Durant all along, but Horford (Atlanta) was creepin behind him as the Hawks started to make a move towards the playoffs. I'm not mad at the decision though. The official Announcement will be made Thursday.

So is Oden going to be considered an "official" rookie next year?

Rest of the story:


I'm not crazy over it, but it ain't bad at all.


So much for Shaq tryin to get another ring.

I wonder what team he's going to soak up to this time?
With both Dallas and Phoenix out of the way we now have what could almost be a Western Conference Finals type of game with the Hornets & Spurs going at it for the Semis.

Chris Paul vs Tony Parker...damn I can't wait.


Here's an interview from Comingsoon.Net where the new generation "Supe" talks about his new movie Lie to Me as well as the sequel (or continuation...you call it) to Superman Returns Man of Steel. I really hope there's more action in this one. But I'm seeing it regardless...

CS: Do you have any expectation as to when you might go to work on "Man of Steel"?
Routh: I expect that we'll be working early next year. I know that Bryan [Singer] has pretty much finished out "Valkyrie" and is back in the states and is zeroing in on the story that he wants to tell. Once that arrives it's going to move pretty quickly. I think that everybody is getting excited. It's been three years now, really. It's hard to believe that it's been long, but everyone is getting jazzed and ready to go again. I certainly am.

Rest of the interview:
Routh Talks Man of Steel


Besides the fact of noticing how big Nelly has gotten (no homo), did anyone notice Nelly actually spittin? Cons murked as well.

Murphy?? No comment...


I got my copy...

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I cannot wait to play this bitch online!


Big Up to my man BK Cyph for sending me this. I found this as no surprise. This is a reference track BIG recorded for Lil Kim in '97 for her 1st single Queen Bitch. Definitely one to have for you music collectors.

Here's Kim's version:


The series between the Hawks & Celts is now 2-2 heading back to Boston. I love the way the Hawks are playing. They're almost making Boston look like old men.

But playing in Bean town is always tough. Let's see how long Atlanta can keep the momentum going.


Saw this one coming. The off season looks like it'll be an interesting one with Riley now taking care of getting the right guys here.

MIAMI (AP) - Pat Riley's worst season as coach of the Miami Heat will be his last.
The Hall of Famer will resign as coach Monday afternoon but remain team president, a person close to Riley said. The person spoke on condition of anonymity to The Associated Press because an announcement had yet to be made.

As team president, Riley will continue to oversee a plan to halt the team's dramatic fall after it won the NBA championship in 2006. The Heat finished this season with the NBA's worst record — 15-67.

It's believed Riley could name his replacement Monday. He has been grooming longtime assistant Erik Spoelstra for the job. That would follow the path Riley took when he previously promoted Stan Van Gundy. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported Monday that Spoelstra would get the job.


I'm not mad at these...The tweed is kinda fresh


I was a late bloomer with the whole Dragon Ball Z saga.

And BTW...it's a Live action movie (uh oh...)

It's set to open April 3rd 2009


I meant to post this last week. With the verdict that was announced last week in the NYC police shooting of Sean Bell I could not think of a song better than what describes my feeling towards the situation.