of the funniest Comic parodies I've seen on the Net!!


Kermit Cintron Injured; Fight Against Williams Cancelled
Though Kermit Cintron is coming off a TKO victory over tough Jesse Feliciano last Saturday, he did suffer ligament damage to his right hand which will sideline him until the March at the earliest.

With that being said the fight he was supposed to have with Paul Williams is off, but that doesn't mean Williams won't be fighting. Word is that Williams' management have been looking at Zab Judah, Ricardo Mayorga, Luis Collazo and Carlos Quintana to fill the slot. We should be finding out soon being the fight was scheduled for February in a triple header on HBO.

Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez Rematch Set for March

The rematch to arguably the Fight of the Year in 2004 is finally set for March 15th pitting Manny Pacquiao & Juan Manuel Marquez for the top spot in the Lightweight Division.

In their first fight Marquez was knocked down 3 times in the 1st round only to come back are draw the fight.
Though I'm eager to see this fight part of me wishes it would've happened months after their 1st fight. The hype and the build to the fight now many be lack luster, but who knows. Boxing purists will be marking March 15th on their calendar for sure.


I actually liked this shit.


I was supposed to be at this video shoot too (womp womp). Peace to my GCD extended fam!


What A Bad One...

Author: RL

Looks like the company who made these barf bags are gonna send a recall notice after this vid...LOL


Short Fight Fat Kid Knockout - Watch more free videos

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LOL..not really, but this is a funny ass video.


It's crazy how B Boyin'was known as the dance that represented Hip Hop even before the term Hip Hop was penned during the 70's. Now what the media calls "Hip Hop Dance" is more choreographed video dancing than anything (Not that I'm knockin that either). But as of the last 10-12 years the B Boy scene have found their own lane and are as big if not bigger than ever before.

Check this crew here I've been following for several years now.

Skill Methodz Crew:


Yo I'm dyin to see this flick! I've been a fan of the series since I can remember.
The movie drops May 22, 2008 and is entitled "Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Krystal Skull.

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Where the fuck this cat been???


I came across this a while ago and figured I'd put it up.

One of the illest, slept on producers ever. A lot of people mention the producers that got their claim to fame in the 90's like Premier, Pete Rock, Diamond D, Buckwild. But this cat was always under the radar, but nonetheless always brought them gems.

For those who aren't familiar with him, he's produced joints for Mos Def (his first Rawkus single actually), Blackstar, El Da Sensai, and also his group from the early 90's called Down South.

Check the vid:


New Ad for Dr. Pepper


Looks as if the duo of Star & Buckwild are going on the air once again on NYC Independent station Pulse 87.7 which launches Jan. 15th, 2008. The entire cast are returning as well.

Too bad FL won't be getting the show though...



More tasty treats from my favorite decade of Hip Hop:

Ice Cream - Raekwon feat. Ghost, Meth, Cappodonna

Leflah - Fab 5 (OGC & Heltah Skeltah)

It's Real - Mic Geronimo

Hey Look Away - Questionmark Asylum

Daaamn! - Tha Liks


Prod. by Nottz Raw. Bananas Kid!!


So I get countless Myspace comments daily ranging from someone wanting me to buy their album to someone wanting me to vote for them on such and such's website for song of the week.
So today I get a comment that just killed me. Anyone lookin for a new/used car?

"2004 Corolla S, One owner, new tires, New brakes, 5 Speed Manual transmission. Highway miles, Ice cold A/C, Runs & drives great, Upgraded sound system, TRD shift knob, and customgrille, alarm, well maintained, still under factory extended warranty,No accidents, Great Gas Mileage, Car was purchased for a dependable way to get to school. This car runs very smooth and never gave me any issues. The Corolla has been the #1 selling car in the world for years. Tires and brakes have less than 1000 miles on them, they are brand new. 57230 miles. All highway driving .Exterior has a few nicks and dings, nothing major. Interior is in Excellent condition, looks brand new. $12,000 or best offer... serious inquires only!"

I'm waiting 'till I get a comment about a mail order bride for sale with leash included


Thanks to my man Timm See here is DJ Eclipse's set from last week spinnin classic 90's Hip Hop. Woooooo!!!

DJ Eclipse on Squeeze Radio pt 1

DJ Eclipse on Squeeze Radio pt 2

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A Look At The Joker

Author: RL

'08 gonna be serious cinema action! They made this dude look a lot more sinister than the '89 Joker. Let's see how they do 2 Face in part 3.


The Intro is a little long and you'll hear a little tag in the song.


Kanye From '96

Author: RL

Line for Line - Grav feat. Kanye West (prod. Kanye West)
Definitely from 95-96 era.

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This is really sad considering dude has an 18 month old baby. RIP.


sigh...when's it going to end?



JB Gets the Gasface

Author: RL

Here's another look at the Jordan / AF1 Fusion series due out in January. Is Atrocious even a word to describe these !!!

It's no secret now that a lot of the Jordan heads are livid (including myself) with not only this Fusion nonsense, but what is to be the 23rd and last Jordan to be released next year. On top of that the JB brilliantly decided to not release retros in single packs, but in packs of 2 for $300 a pop. WTF??? I can see having packs here and there, but for all your retros next year???

Now I'm not tryin to come off as a cheap ass, but for $300...god damn that's a nice deposit on maybe...a HD TV????

Anycase, I love my J's and I still want 2 more models, but as of now I dedicate a classic song to the Jordan Brand.


Damn, that's history for you there...



The Mist Review

Author: RL

Once again a Stephen King novel comes to the big screen. This time it's one of his earlier short stories called The Mist.

The Mist is about a Movie Poster designer who along with his family experience and bad storm only to wake up to wreckage across the town. When a neighbor asks for a lift to the local grocery store a Mist covers the entire town, but there's something (or somethings) behind the Mist keep the customers trapped in the store. But the question is if the bigger problem is outside the store or inside the store?

I was actually quite surprised with this movie. In the beginning I wanted to see what the fuck was behind the Mist. But as the movie goes on you see that the struggle between the people who want to get out and a religious woman's rant about the end of times becomes a story in itself. There are your standard "shock" moments when you begin to see some of the things coming from the Mist. The Director did a good job not revealing too much behind what's in the Mist after the fact you find out how the Mist occurred. The movie keeps you intrigued with how these people are going to get out of the store and what ultimately is waiting for them in the mist leading to a shocking ending.

It's definitely worth going to check out. One of the better Monster / Drama movies I've seen in a minute.

7.5 / 10


Some joints I came across over the holiday weekend. Enjoy!!!

DP3 - Jay Z mp3

Gutted - Beans feat. Jay Z mp3

Only One - Usher (prod. Neptunes) mp3

Welcome to the Roc freestyle - Jadakiss mp3

Step Up - Busta Rhymes (prod. J Dilla) off Mick Boogie's Dillagence mixtape mp3

1st Love - Murs mp3

Tears - Tru Life feat. Bobby Valentino (prod. Polo Da Don) mp3


For those who haven't heard, Ne-Yo was dropped from the Piper's tour for reasons that haven't necessarily been cleared up. Here's Ne-Yo talkin about what went down.


With the injury sustained by Matt Serra, the Welterweight title has been held up. But being UFC 79 is the last PPV for the UFC in 2007 Dana White decided to sign the rubber match between former champions George St Pierre & Matt Hughes for the now vacant Welterweight title. This is almost the best thing that could've happened (not that I wanted Serra hurt or anything). GSP & Matt Hughes are looking to have a much more entertaining fight than Serra vs Hughes would probably have had.

This is going to be a sick PPV!