"Looks like someone has been mixing a little Draino with the fruit punch.." - Jack Black

Kris man...you're losing me every day with these outlandish statements. Weren't you on a song with Kanye recently that DJ Premier produced??????

If you don't like flashy dudes and think that ain't Hip Hop, say Slick Rick & Big Daddy Kane ain't Hip Hop either.


Reports are surfacing that Chuck Liddell will face Wanderlai Silva at UFC 79. With Chuck coming off 2 loses, this has to be a do or die situation for him. Though Silva himself is coming off a KO loss to former Pride Light Heavyweight Champion Dan Henderson, he's been eager to get this fight going for years.

I gotta go with Silva with the KO. Chuck's style has been exposed.

Here's the proposed card for UFC 79. Looks like Dana White wants to close the year out with a bang:

Matt Serra vs. Matt Hughes - UFC Welterweight Title
*BJ Penn vs. Sean Sherk/Joe Stevenson - UFC Lightweight Title
Wanderlei Silva vs. Chuck Liddell
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Cheick Kongo
Fabricio Werdum vs. Frank Mir
Melvin Guillard vs. Rich Clementi
Dean Lister vs. Jordan Radev
Tony DeSouza vs. Roan Carneiro

Next few months for MMA & Boxing are gonna keep me glued to the couch!!!


I Am Legend

Author: RL

Will Smith is dropping the long awaited, 10 year in the making film I Am Legend. The movie focuses on a man made virus that has infected the entire world, except for of course our buddy the Fresh Prince who's immune to the virus. He's the only survivor and for 3 years attempts to make contact with anyone who has survived. During the day it's safe to walk the streets to retrieve any food or supplies, but at night the "infected" roam searching for Will Smith as he tries to find a reverse cure for the virus while at the same time the "infected" fiend for his blood.

Here's the teaser trailer:

A little "Did You Know": This film was supposed to be made around 1997 with Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the lead role.


After all the hoopla with Lupe's "quotes" on the whole ATCQ situation, he's reportedly putting a cease & desist order on Vibe to remove the comments that were put on the website claiming he was "misquoted".

Here's a clip of him calling Kay Slay on his show and talking about the situation:



So now that The Nature Boy is presumably out of the wrestling business, he decided to open up a finance company. You can check the site & the hilarious intro at:


I can just see all the rednecks who followed Flair in the 80's ask for a loan to get that immaculate motor home with the newly built fire place and fridge with built in arm & hammer deodorizer.

If the finance company doesn't work for Flair, he should record an album. Yea...you think I'm buggin??? Check out this exclusive joint he leaked a couple months back. Ya'll can't tell him nothin!!!!

Ric Flair - Custom Made


Taken from NY Daily News:

Rapper Prodigy pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a loaded gun Tuesday in a deal that will put him behind bars for the next 3-1/2 years.

The 32-year-old Queens native interrupted his trial in Manhattan Supreme Court to admit to owning the unlicensed .22-caliber pistol found in an armrest of his bulletproofed Chevy Suburban last October in Chelsea.

Prodigy was busted on the gun charge after cops stopped him for making an illegal U-turn on Ninth Ave.


At first I thought money was gonna start bustin' heads...well, you'll see...



Author: RL

So at first I was thinking, "Ehhh...so he messed up a line on Electric Relaxation...no big deal". But boy have the tides risen from backlashes from Phonte (Little Brother) to Lupe's comments in a recent interview in Vibe Magazine's website where he in little words puts MC Hammer over Tribe. Read for yourself:

"[Tribe] didn't sell 10 million records, so why would people think they had a blanket on the world like that? MC Hammer was way more popular to me than Tribe Called Quest."
It's all about hip hop vanity, Lupe explains. "Because there's kids in Harlem who right now would never ever listen to Midnight Marauders, I don't give a fuck what you do, they'll never listen to Q-Tip and they want to be rappers and they want to talk about positive things. So why would you shoot them down?"

Now I don't think in the end this is going to kill his fan base, but the general consensus with Lupe was he had worked with the likes of Kanye West & Pharrell who are admitted big Native Tounge fans. So naturally with his look & his music one would "assume" he had to know those songs. But I guess 8Ball & MJG had a bigger impact on Lupe than Tribe did (did 8 Ball & MJG ever tour outside the US...?)

At this point, I really don't care too much to look at Lupe any different. Dude makes good music for the most part. My advice though is to watch your words carefully before questioning how relevant a group like ATCQ when they're world renown and have timeless classics. I'm not saying listen to everything they ever put out, but know your history dude. Years from now you'll be in ATCQ shoes...or will you?


What happens when you mix The Horror & Hip Hop genre??
Boogeyman Music is basically my interpretation of your favorite horror icons themes inspired by the original scores of the films. It'll be up for free download next month.

Until then, here's a sneak peek. This one's called "Hockey Mask Music" (guess who this is for...)


With Torre presumably gone, A Rod in limbo with his opt out clause, Posada possibly seeking another home...what's next for the "Mighty Yanks"?

Can we be seeing this dude next year in pin stripes?


Those who know me will tell you that I'm a huge Horror Movie aficionado. I've seen them all from a cheesy flick like The Stuff to your classics like Halloween (1978) & Psycho.
I'm always looking for new and old movies to add to the immaculate collection.

So I was reading about this movie called Hatchet. I saw teasers for it but there was no footage that made me wanna go see it. Two months later I get a copy of a screener for Hatchet. All I can say it...Holy Shit!!!! Possibly the most hilarious, craziest, ridiculous death scenes I've ever witness on screen. I've shown a hand full of people this movie getting the same reaction. It was released in theaters Sept 7th in limited release. If you can find a copy or even catch it in the theater it's a must see!!!
Here are some clips so you what I mean. Enjoy:


Up Coming UFC cards

Author: RL

UFC 77: Hostile Territory
Thanks for the pic Minus:

Rich Franklin vs Anderson Silva rematch
Tim Sylvia Vs. Brandon Vera
Eric Schafer Vs. Stephan Bonnar
Alan Belcher Vs. Kalib Starnes
Jason MacDonald Vs. Yushin Okami
Alvin Robinson Vs. Jorge Gurgel
Demian Maia Vs. Ryan Jensen
Josh Burkman Vs. Forrest Petz

UFC 78: Validation
Michael Bisping Vs. Rashad Evans
Thiago Silva Vs. Houston Alexander
David Terrell Vs. Ed Herman
Frank Edgar Vs. Spencer Fisher


Yea...Lupe fucked up "Electric Relaxation"...wowsers...

ATCQ tribute: Busta, Common, Spliff Star, Pharrell

Snoop Tribute: TI, Bow Wow, Ice T, Pharrell

Missy Tribute: Timbaland, Ciara, Eve


Karate Kid Remake

Author: RL

So...my man Fyfe hits me off with some news that Will Smith is remaking Karate Kid with his son Jaden Smith that played along with him in Pursuit of Happyness (which actually was a good movie). Also, the part of Mr. Miyagi is being played by none other than Jackie Chan.
Ok...now I'm tryin to put myself in Will Smith's shoes (pause...) and tryin to think of all the movies he could remake why he'd remake Karate Kid. The whole point of Karate Kid was that it was corny in an 80's sorta way (when corny was actually dope...gotta be an 80's kid to understand).
Being that this is more than likely going to be a horrible remake (like most remakes are) I figured the beginning selling points to trigger interest in movie should be:

A) Teaser trailer
B) Movie poster

Now I can't show you a teaser nor can I show any of Jackie Chan's techniques (pause...), but I did find an early movie poster for the movie which is due out possibly late'08- early'09:

RIP Pat Morita...this one's for you.


Yanks snag a win...

Author: RL

Yea Yea...yanks got the win...

But look who's pitchin tonight!!!!


Like the upcoming Roy Jones vs Felix Trinidad fight, sometimes certain fights should be left as a "what if" fight as opposed to an actual one(especially when it deals with buying a PPV).

Manny Pacquiao's dismantling of Marco Antonio Barrera shocked a lot of boxing purists 4 years ago with Barrera coming off big wins over Erik Morales and Prince Naseem. With the build up of Barrera hinting retirement and talks of Pacquiao's focus being off fighting with his increasing popularity in the Philippines as being pretty much the country's figure head, it would seem this could be Barrera's chance at redemption...so we were to think.

From the opening rounds Pacquiao's speed was causing problems for Barrera. Though Barrera had flashes from his days against Morales, Pacquiao would retaliate with a barrage of lefts and rights cornering Barrera in the last few seconds of the rounds.

In the end, Barrera looked as if he just gave up and wanted to play safe and leave the fight on his feet giving Pacquiao a unanimous 12 round decision. Barrera, regardless of his performance, is a future Hall of Famer and will be remembered for his wars in the ring.