50 is at it again. I don't feed too much into beefs, but you gotta give 50 credit for the entertainment factor...and at the end of the day, that's his M.O.


Timm See & Sucio Smash celebrated their 5th Anniversary show last Thursday with an array of up and coming & underground legends in a huge freestyle session.

BTW: My man Shake murked!!!!

MC's consisted of:
Masta Ace
Jeru The Damaja
Sadat X
Lil' Dap
John Robinson aka Lil Sci
Howard Lloyd (Sputnik Brown)
Tre Monsta (Sputnik Brown)
Mista Sinista
Silent Knight
CyMarshall Law
El Da Sensei
Homeboy Sandman
P. Casso
8th W1
Fresh Daily
Alex (Nola Darling)
Dj Kaos
Spec Boogie
Ryan Perfect
Wiseguy & Gaston
Mr. Dead

With beats by:
Marco Polo
Howard Lloyd
Deep (2 Hungry Bros)
Mr. Len

Download at:
Squeeze Radio Freestyles


Star wars parodies never get old LOL


I read about this show recently. Would've loved to have been there.


March Madness!!!

Author: RL

Yea so I put in my $20 for a huge pool through my man and all I can say is...this could be the tournament of upsets. Im in now way disclosing my picks, but I definitely have some of your favorite teams not making the "Great 8".

BTW: My Canes are gonna make some serious noise

March 20th couldn't come any sooner (no homo).


Carnegie Mellon University in PA are currently offering "Sneakerology 101" & Bobbito Garcia's book "Where’d You Get Those" is one of the reference materials for the class. How fun would this fuckin class be?!?

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This might be the last time you see his jaw in its place until April 12th...


Unusual KO

Author: RL

What a bad one LOL


LOL...saw this on Miss Info's blog. Mos can be "really out there" sometimes, but it's still funny to hear. He actually has a point this time around though.


Saw this on Nah Right. I guess people are becoming custom to throwing bottles at artists for not performing to their standards (or whatever). First Pitbull, now Lil Weezy.


Damn...talk about "Wow I forgot about this one!!!"


LOL...I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go. This is an old vid I take it from the Big Bang shirt he's rockin.


Is he serious??? I like Shane and all but, this would be an older Mosley against a stronger, more experinced, quicker Cotto? I don't buy it Shane.


Apparently, The Ultimate Warrior is a "fuckin whore"..LMAO


In what some are saying is highway robbery, Manny Pacquiao won an incredibly close decision over Juan Manuel Marquez Saturday Night. Marquez was dropped in the 3rd round but managed to get on his feet and continue to bring the pressure to Manny.
In the end it came down to the judges (which in cases like this always favors the champion) as they gave Pacquiao a "disputed" split decision.

There's already talk of a 3rd fight after Pacquiao faces David Diaz at Lightweight in June in which the 3rd fight between Marquez & Pacquiao will take place in also. Things are getting interesting in the Lightweight field (if they arent haven't been)