My Pussy Is Magic

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LOL...thanks to Timm See for sending me this. Amazing


Beatnuts killed this shit. People slept of Skillz's album. Was produced by Shawn J Period, Dilla, Large Pro, Beatnuts (need I say more?)...Good luck finding a copy though lol.

What these "Vintage" kids know about Helly jackets...psssss


Talks about his fight tomorrow night. Heads is sleepin on Ibragimov...


Saw this on Yahoo!


I never knew they made a video for this. Definitely check out Encore's Layover album if you haven't. Came out I believe in '04-'05 Jake One murked it!!!

This song's produced by Vitamin D


I loved this fuckin joint when it dropped!

Features: Bahamadia, Precise, Treep, Uneek & Lauryn Hill (L-Boogie steez)


This was from lastnight's Raw.



Got an External Hard Drive? Got Music and Movies you don't feel like burning? Fuck it...


LOL...I mean...nevermind


Here's a 2nd trailer to the M Night Shaymalan movie.

(click on poster below)

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Gimmie a fuckin' break...

Davis Entertainment's urban genre label, DJ Classicz, is developing the urban horror project Shady Talez for Paramount Pictures, reports Variety.

John Davis and Dallas Jackson are producing. Chris Lighty and Mona Scott of Violator, a New York-based record label and management company, will executive produce.

The project features three stories written by Jackson and Marlon Chapman that pay hip-hop homage to classic horror films.

"We intend to marry each of the stories with a hot director from the musicvideo and/or film world along with Violator's hip-hop talent roster," Jackson said.


Blu-Ray > HD-DVD

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It's official...

Toshiba Corporation today announced that it has undertaken a thorough review of its overall strategy for HD DVD and has decided it will no longer develop, manufacture and market HD DVD players and recorders. This decision has been made following recent major changes in the market. Toshiba will continue, however, to provide full product support and after-sales service for all owners of Toshiba HD DVD products.

HD DVD was developed to offer consumers access at an affordable price to high-quality, high definition content and prepare them for the digital convergence of tomorrow where the fusion of consumer electronics and IT will continue to progress...


Damn, how didn't they included him in X-Men 3??? I guess it's better late than never.
Actor Taylor Kitsch of Friday Night Lights is set to play long time X-Men favorite Gambit in the upcoming X-Men Origins: Wolverine coming May 1st, 2009.

He'll be joining Hugh Jackman (Wolverine), Liev Schreiber (Sabretooth), Danny Huston (William Stryker) and Lynn Collins (Silver Fox)


Badu on Dilla

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Well, it's close to Wrestlemania so Vince is gonna grab his bag of treats to set up for the Annual Wrestling extravaganza.

Here's a vid from last night's No Way Out PPV with Mayweather breaking 7' tall Big Show's nose. LOL, mad funny...but does this remind you of someone who liked doing extra shit outside the ring and forgot where his bread and butter was? (hint: He must've forgot)


Taylor came to fight, but Pavlik was just more dominant. Kelly Pavlik beat Jermain Taylor Saturday night by a unanimous decision leaving the door wide open for Pavlik to get huge paydays against possibly Roy Jones, Joe Calzaghe, and the rumored Tito Trinidad.
As for Taylor, Mikkel Kessler's name has been thrown out there, but I don't see how financially it would be beneficial to Taylor as ironically it would be a step down (regardless of Kessler fighting Joe Calzaghe late last year). But Taylor says he'll be staying at Super Middleweight which is a division on the rise.


UFC might be making that "knock on the door" sooner that I thought. But I still think he needs to fight a "legit" Heavyweight. Regardless, he's definitely making a name for himself.


Lebron gets MVP

Green got robbed with the Birthday cake dunk, but Howard was nuts.

Kapono is ridiculous. How the Heat let him go...(sigh)