RIP Fabulous Moolah

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RIP to the greatest woman wrestler of all time.

A legend in the history of WWE's women's division Fabulous Moolah has passed away at the age of 84.

Many fans will remember the Hall Of Famer for her humorous appearances with Mae Young but she was there from day one.

Moolah's career was recognized in the 2004 documentary "Lipstick and Dynamite", which looked at the pioneering days of women's professional wrestling, featuring Moolah, Mae Young and Penny Banner, among others. And she released an autobiography via WWE in 2004.

Moolah had recently undergone an eye transplant and was scheduled to have her shoulder replaced.

"In the world of women’s wrestling, there will always be one irrefutable legend that stands head and shoulders above the rest: The Fabulous Moolah. She was the longest reigning champion in the history of her chosen sport, or any sport for that matter. And with more than 50 years in the business to her credit, she established a legacy that will never be forgotten, making her name synonymous with female wrestling."



This is a video I found from last year with Common & Ludacris on some radio show where Ludacris basically co-signs Common's Resurrection album.


Sheila E, Legendary Tito Puente, and Conga King Pete Escovedo (Sheila's pops).
Classic footage...


I just caught this video On Demand. This shit makes you feel proud to be Puerto Rican.



I just need a pair of 7's and 4's and I'm gone!!


Surprisingly, the Heat didn't play as bad as i thought they would in their home opener against the dreaded Pistons. But I do have some issues I'd like to address...

Why are the Heat still clinging on to Dorrell Wright??? What has this kid proven but that he's very inconsistent and breaks under pressure??? I saw the potential in him when he 1st started, but how long ago was that? Every time he's given an opportunity somehow someway he finds a way to just not show up when he's needed. I wonder if Riley was tryin to throw him in a trade deal and no one wanted him...hmmmm

On a brighter note, Ricky Davis is that scorer we desperately needed with wade being sidelined for the time being. He had a few turnovers, but keep in mind he's had maybe a hand full of practices with the Heat since being traded here a little over a week ago. He should flourish soon enough.

Shaq's age showed up as well last night. Detroit's double teaming gave Shaq trouble, but eventually Shaq found a way to dish it off to Smush parker and Ricky davis for the 3.

It's only the beginning of the season and with wade back in the fold the Heat turn into a whole other entity. I'm hoping they can survive until he returns.


It kills me to think parents are so afraid of their kids that they resort to callin the fuckin cops. Listen to this story:

A young child has been accused of punching his mother in the face as she forced him to cut his game short on Sunday night and then fought with the police as they tried to restrain him. The parents told deputies that their son was playing Halo 3 late at night and they said he needed to turn it off, but the child refused to switch off the machine so his parents took action and the child went nuts and gave his mother a good thump.

Ok...I was raised by a Puerto Rican mother (do I need to continue?). If I even looked at her wrong let alone raise my hand at her over a video game It'd be the last you saw of me for at least a month (need time to heal).

Parents today man, harden the fuck up!!!!

Instead of doin this when your kid acts up:

maybe you should try this once in a while:



This shit never gets old for me. Too hilarious. This time Dr. Phil lends his hand on abusing this naive telemarketer.


Adidas is set to release yet another Jam Master Jay Adidas sneaker paying homage to the late DJ who was killed 5 years ago. But this time it'll be in a 4 pack series.
They'll retail around $70-80 and be available exclusively at Footaction in late November.

(pic via:


Damn I've been waiting for this season for months. So far:

Cleveland looks like shit
San Antonio is still a problem
Houston "might" be lookin up
Dallas looks good as usual (holla at me when postseason begins though...)
Lakers either need to get rid of Kobe or get J O' Neal in there and make a difference

As far as the Heat are concerned:

Check me on ESPN bitches!!!


Lookin a lil' too sweet there fellas??

This is the 2nd fight in what I call Boxing's Fall classic (1st being Kelly Pavlik's KO on OL' Jermain). I've been really looking forward to this fight since it was announced a few months back. Two great Super Middleweight champs of the world fighting to unify both respected titles. What more can you ask for? (take note Heavyweight Division...)

Though the popularity sides with Calzaghe, you can't look past Kessler. For a European fighter he's very slick and can get inside anybody he wants (pause). Calzaghe ,on the other hand, throws a lot of punches and stays busy throughout the fight. His most notable win which garnered more popularity from the us in the States was his KO win over Jeff Lacy who was looked at as one of the top Super Middleweights in the division.

I'm pulling for Kessler for the upset, but he has to win decisively by KO or just a brutal beating being that he's fighting in Joe's backyard. Either way it should be a great fight.

Here's a look at both fighters:
Joe Calzaghe:

Mikkel Kessler:


Whoa!!! As if he wasn't in enough trouble already. Word is he was talkin to his son or something and this was the convo:

Dog the Bounty Hunter Audio Clip


Since watching the teaser trailer earlier this Summer everyone's been buzzing about JJ Abrams untitled movie that the public is calling 1-18-08 (which is actually the release date of the movie).
With all the hype, internet theories on the movie, etc...The new trailer and name for the film will be introduced just before the showing of Beowulf November 16th (hope the DVD screener drops for this too).
I'm dyin to see what this fuckin' monster looks like!


I'm not too impressed with this pack, but I'll take the Air Trainers though...

(pic courtesy of this an episode of the Twilight Zone??? I must've missed this. Madlib must've snuck the program directors some of that Cali weed. Either way it's a good look.


UFC up and commer Din Thomas, who fought this past September, was arrested in Port St Lucie for sanctioning illegal cage fights.
The TCPalm reported that Thomas faces a felony prohibited-competitions charge after police entered his training studio and watched two men fighting in an "octagon-shaped ring" before roughly 150 spectators.

You know, you'd think normally a professional fighter wouldn't need to go the extra length for the money. But if you look at the payout sheet these UFC fighters get compared to even a Featherweight title fight in's simply atrocious.


Where can I find what this kid is smoking to write these lyrics about absolutely nothing!!!!!


I can't say I'm surprised because anything these days is possible.

Word is that Coolio will be starring in his own reality show entitled (ready for this????)"Collio & the Gang" (wow...). It'll be a day in the life of Coolio raising 6 kids and continuing his rap career (really???). It'll be airing on the Oxygen channel soon.

Am I the only one who knows Reality TV is really "NOT" reality???


Freddy vs Jason 2

Author: RL

No not the movie...

But being It's Halloween time, I'm a huge horror geek...I figured I'd put together a musical version of Freddy vs Jason 2.

Download it suckas!!!!!!!!!!

Freddy vs Jason 2 (prod by RL) mp3


Yanks offered Joe Girardi a 3 years $6 Million contract for the vacant manager position in what some call the toughest shoes to fill.

MLB off season is going to be very interesting.



Yankee fans are hating, but all eras end and new ones begin.
I actually thought this was going to be a good series, but the young Rocks' lack of experience did it in the end along with Boston having the bats and most of all "pitching"!!. The best team in baseball won this year's World Series. You have no arguments from me on that.

Now if Boston can only hold on to their MVP before the Yanks scoop him up, you can be seeing this in early March:


Saw 4 Review

Author: RL

Okay you're thinking, "How in the fuck can this movie continue??? Jigsaw and his bitch are dead!!!". Well, with the success of the previous 3 movies, you had to see this coming.
The beginning of the movie starts with a very gruesome yet spectacular autopsy scene of Jigsaw. As he's being cut up one of the surgeons, they find a tape in his stomach that is meant for one of the detectives who's investigating the murders...and so begins the movie.

The story deals with the investigation of murders that have taken place from the previous movies bringing in FBI agents who claim there is someone else besides Jigsaw and his female apprentice involved, the partner of one of Jigsaw's victims (the female police detective from previous Saws that got her tits ripped off...sorry for the graphic visual), and another detective investigating clues with the FBI.

As the story goes on you see the struggle from the FBI agents trying to get info from Jigsaw's ex wife (who you finally meet) which gives insight to the birth of Jigsaw, the detective's partner who is left the infamous "I wanna play a game" tape and his struggle with his personal life and finding his partner's "real" killer, and another detective looking for Donny Wahlberg's character who they think is still alive (are you lost yet???)

The movie was actually really good and filled with the gore that most saw fans are eager for. Like the others there's a twist in the end that is actually quite clever, but could be confusing if you haven't been keeping up with the story.

Word of not see this movie if you haven't seen the previous 3. You'll will be lost beyond comprehension.


It's no secret now that an early copy of American Gangster leaked last week to everyone's surprise (ironically so did most of Hov's album).

I'm not going to give an outlandish review on the movie because everyone will take something different out of it as I noticed watchin it with a few people.

I can tell you both Denzel & Russell gave outstanding performances that will be mentioned during Oscar season. There's also a lot...and I mean a lot of cameos!!! You'll be like, "Oh shit...oh shit...yoooo look who it is!!" throughout the whole movie.

Overall the story was great, acting was great. I wasn't as familiar with Frank Lucas' character as i was with the Rich Porters or AZ's, etc. But that itself made the movie more entertaining to me as to how everything unfolds with his family and with NY finest.