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Can we get another album fellas??


I didn't even see the sequel, but I'm a fan of the first one.



Ed Norton as Hulk


Miko LX Workstation

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My man Haz put me on to this Keyboard / Workstation. Basically, you can get any synth keyboard or rack and use the workstation to copy all the sounds from the synth to your workstation (wtf!!!!!!!!)

Retails at close to $4,000, but damn...imagine having the Motif, Nord Lead, & Fantom libraries all in one Keyboard. Can we say...Nutso!!!

Here are some specs:

* MiKo LX: Intel® Core2 Duo® Dual-core 64-bit (2.1GHz) / MiKo SE: Intel® Core2 Duo® (1.8GHz)
* MiKo LX and MiKo SE: MiKo Alpha Control Module
* MiKo LX and MiKo SE: Keyboard ("QWERTY") Module
* MiKo LX and MiKo SE: DJ Control Module
* MiKo LX and MiKo SE: Trackpad with 2 Buttons
* MiKo LX and MiKo SE: Semi-Weighted, Synth-Action Keyboard (37-key)
* MiKo LX and MiKo SE: Pitch and Mod Wheels
* MiKo LX: 2GB RAM (base configuration) Expandable to 4GB / MiKo SE: 1GB RAM (base configuration) Expandable to 4GB
* MiKo LX and MiKo SE: (3) PCI Slots (2 Available for Upgrades) and (3) PCI-E Slots Available for Upgrades
* MiKo SE: (3) Drive Bays: (1) 3.5" (Available) (1) 3.5" Start Up Drive, and (1) Dual-Layer DVDRW burner (8.5GB per disk)
* MiKo LX and MiKo SE: (1) High Performance Audio I/O Card with Low Latency including: 24/96 professional 4 ins / 6 out audio: (2) microphone/instrument preamplifiers - input, (2) analog line inputs, (6) analog line outputs, S/PDIF digital I/O (coaxial), Midi in/out and Headphone output (1/4")
* MiKo LX (1) 250GB, 7200RPM HD Upgradeable to 1.5 Terabytes MiKo SE (1) 160GB, 7200RPM HD Upgradeable to 1.5 Terabyte
* MiKo LX and MiKo SE: High Speed Dual-Layer 8.5GB/disk DVD Burner
* MiKo LX and MiKo SE: MIDI In/Out
* MiKo LX and MiKo SE: 500 Watt Power Supply
* MiKo LX and MiKo SE: Whisper Quiet Cooling Fans (Internal Chassis, Processor & Power Supply)
* MiKo LX and MiKo SE: 15" Color Touch Screen LCD

Check the rest here:
Miko LX Workstation


This almost seems like a Boxing blog today lol. But yo...I'm so glad Cotto is standin up and just letting the proverbial cat out the bag about his thoughts on Money May.


It's officially signed. Originally Mosley's camp were looking at a Mayorga fight, but things didn't work out for that. In comes Zab Judah. I gotta say this has to be Zab's last chance (as if he hasn't been given last chances before) to climb back in the ranks of the WW division.

Should be an interesting fight, but Mosley will win this Unanimously.

The fight will be in Las Vegas on HBO PPV (fuck...)


A lot of the Mayweather Stans are talkin shit about this fight, but I guess they thought Carlos Baldomir & Arturro Gatti were "top notch" opponents too right? LOL...the fuck outta here.



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I saw this on Kanye's blog. Pretty cool concept though I've seen something similar before. You basically type the name of an artist and song and it searches the net for the song.

Check it out at: WWW.SONGERIZE.COM


Talk about, "WTF?"

Scooped from Nah Right

Mr. Ratner, Jay-Z, and Barclay’s are all linked through the $4 billion Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn, for which Mr. Ratner plans to build a Frank Gehry-designed basketball arena for the Nets and more than 6,000 apartments. Jay-Z, a partial owner of the Nets, has been a major supporter of the project, appearing at press conferences to tout its merits. Barclays owns the naming rights to the arena, and has been accused of having links with the slave trade—an accusation the bank denies.

In the claim, Mr. Campbell said that Mr. Ratner and Jay-Z worked “in concert” with Barclays, and “profited from the African Slave Trade and continue to profit from these gains, through a conspiracy dating back hundreds of years and continue to date to oppress Black people, enslave them, unlawfully deport them to all corners of the Earth.”


This is in response to Matt Damon & Sarah Silverman's "I'm Fucking Matt Damon" skit. This is by far one of the funniest clips I've ever seen!

Here's "I'm Fucking Matt Damon" skit:


Should come with Dark tinted sunglasses cause...Jesus Christ


No Country For Old Men Gets Best Picture & Javier Bardem takes Best Supporting Actor. I'm not too mad at that, but then again I didn't see any of the other nominees. But definitely check out the movie.

Rest of Oscar Winners:
Oscar Winners


In a pathetic display of Heavyweight boxing, Wladamir Klitschko & Sultan Ibragamov fought Saturday Night to unify the IBF & WBO Heavyweight titles. Both men seemed to not want to hurt each other whatsoever. Klitschko being the obvious favorite threw maybe 10 right hands the whole night subjecting himself to jabbing and throwing down Sultan's jab like a mother smacking her child's hand. Klitschko won on a UD over Ibragamov to a crowd of boos in Madison Square Garden.

What really got me was the Post Fight interview where The Ukrainian giant hinted he has no interest in fighting the winner of the up coming Samuel Peter vs Oleg Maskaev (which is another unifying heavyweight title fight). Instead he said his brother Vitali (who was injured during training for his return to the ring) would most likely face the winner of that fight. So there's the Klitschko brothers can be the 1st to own the Heavyweight titles simultaneously, right?...well what I say to that is:

Heavyweight boxing should be banned from Live TV, period!

Anycase, the under card was a trillion times more exciting but yet mind boggling as Irish Man John Duddy (who is...or was set to face Kelly Pavlik in June) faced Walid Smichet in what some thought was a basic tune up fight for Duddy. Though Duddy came out with a questionable victory, he was being man handled early in the fight with 2-3 hit combos landing flush on Duddy's face. How is this dude expect to fight against Pavlik with no defense??

Duddy did at least admit he doesn't think he's ready for Pavlik after that performance, but lets see if his camp commits career suicide or not and sign the fight for June 7th.