Pulled this from IESB.NET. Definitely a dope concept for Devastator I believe that appeared in either the comic or cartoon sometime with the rest of the Construction Decepticons.

Rest of story:
Transformers Art


So according to Floyd, Cotto has to be his own "CEO" to get a fight with Floyd (SMH).
I understand there's a problem with Bob Arum (Top Rank Promoter)and Floyd from their past relationship, but does he really think a Cotto vs Floyd fight won't generate any money??? Is he out of his mind???

2009 can't be here any sooner...


Good luck finding this album now. Definitely one of the great late 90's Hip Hop albums that came out of the West Coast and spawned the career of Madlib (and Quasimoto).


This pic was taken by someone driving on the 405 Freeway in LA. There have been talks about the filming of Transformers 2 through out LA the past few weeks. If this isn't an obvious sign, I don't know what is.

Damn...2009 is going to be nuts!

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100 Feet Trailer

Author: RL

The movie tells the story about a woman under house arrest for killing her husband in self-defence. However, house arrest proves more difficult for her when she realizes that her husbands' violent spirit haunts the house. Stars Famke Janssen (aka Jean Grae)


LMAO...oh man how are they going to replicate this movie 20 years later? I wonder if they're going to holla at Debarge for the soundtrack single LOL.

From www.comingsoon.net
Dimension Films has acquired rights to remake the 1986 film, Short Circuit, reports Variety.

The original introduced Number 5, a robot built by the military to be a highly sophisticated weapon. It developed a conscience and a personality after being hit by lightning, and then needed the help of humans after it was targeted for destruction by its makers, once it became a peacenik.

S.S. Wilson and Brent Maddock, who created the characters and wrote both "Short Circuit" films, have been hired to write the remake.

David Foster and Ryan E. Heppe will produce with John Hyde.


GTA IV Trailer

Author: RL

Ugghhh...this game will make me so unproductive. Just driving around causing havoc is worth the buy. Looks bananas though. It drops April 29th.


Props to Stones Throw for posting this up.


News is starting to surface about the sudden death of one of the original Rocksteady Crew members Frosty Freeze. No info has been released yet about the cause of death.
He was definitely a pioneer in the world of B Boyin and Hip Hop all around.

BTW: If ya'll are "Hip Hop heads" and you've never seen this movie, smack yourselves.

**Update** Word is Frosty (Real name Wayne Frost)was suffering from a long illness. My condolences to his family and the entire RSC.


LOL...this is kinda funny. This kid claims Polow Da Don took stock sounds from the GarageBand program for the Mac and made the new Usher song Make Love in the Club. These days the argument of what you use to make a beat is thrown out the window considering a lot of these programs are stepping their game up.


Not necessarily yet. Words is he's reading a script based on the hit 80's TV show that starred Tom Selleck as the OG PI.

From ComingSoon.Net
Entertainment Weekly reports that Matthew McConaughey has been offered the role of Thomas Magnum in Universal Pictures' adaptation of "Magnum P.I.," based on the hit '80s TV series that starred Tom Selleck.

McConaughey is reportedly reading the script from writer/director Rawson Marshall Thurber (Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story) and will decide shortly.


LOL...this is brilliant. IGN.com made a mock trailer for a Zelda movie. The crazy thing is the shit looks like it would be sick!

Take a look:


Wouldn't it be dope if they had Floyd as a secret character? LOL. It'll be available for both PS3 & Xbox 360


This is pretty big news as far as the record industry is concerned. Jay has 1 album left with Def Jam and from there Live Nation (who primarily work with Rock & Country acts) will be handling all his entertainment ventures (music, concerts, etc) and subsequently is trying to make a new Music Industry model to follow in the coming years.

“I’ve turned into the Rolling Stones of hip-hop,” - Jay Z

Read the rest of the story here:


LOL! Oh man. If Ronnie, Bobby, Ralph, Ricky & Mike couldn't do it, these fools won't. Supposedly they're reuniting to do an album or some sort. We'll see how this pans out.


One of my favorite joints of all time. Get this album if you don't have it. It was released a few years back after Elektra dropped them in the mid 90's.


LOL...Pavlik did a good job with this


Props to the WWE for giving Flair a respectable and emotional farewell filled with surprise guests.

Wooooooooooooooooooo!!!! The Greatest has Left The Building...


Yea Yea it's only the 1st game of the season...but fuck it, Santana looked great. My main issue last year was the lack of pitching. The bats still seem to be there and they still got a fairly young squad. People are going to hate, but let's see how they pan put up until All Star Break.


I think I posted this a while back, but fuck it...these joints are hard! I missed out on the OG's (but stole them from my younger brother in High School LOL). Definitely coppin these! They're retailing at $135

From: KicksOnFire.com


LOL. I'm not going to bother posting the other ones. The song on this alone makes it post worthy, LOL...trust me


Wresltemania XXIV has come and gone. The major push for the annual PPV this year was obviously Floyd Mayweather vs Big Show. But that match had nothing on what this weekend meant to Pro Wrestling.

This was undoubtedly Ric Flair's weekend. Not only was he inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, but he wrestled his last match against none other than Shawn Michaels. Flair at 59 can still put on a show and both HBK and Flair put on great performances with an almost theatrical ending as HBK super kicked a beaten Flair signaling the end of an era. Everyone in the Citrus Bowl was on their feet applauding, crying, and giving thanks to the Greatest Wrestler of All Time.

Here's a vid of backstage after the match (watch while you can...you know how Youtube does):