This is great. A guy calls the Webmaster support of a Porn company (who I'll leave nameless)because he's pissed at all the emails he's been getting. Peace to the Baggins Fam for this one.


For those who don't know, Ip Shun's father (Grandmaster Yip Man)is the guy who taught Bruce Lee's his 1st "legitimate" style of Kung Fu called Wing Chun (Bruce's Dad actually taught him Tai Chi at a young age which is a more delicate form of meditation and defense but very useful if used properly). Wing Chun is pretty much the epicenter to all of Bruce Lee's skills that he learned later on in life.


Word is Joe's got a crazy album. I'll have to check for it.


Not really, but here he is at Cipha Sounds Comedy Show in NY


Pharrell & Tim?

Author: RL

What do these cats got planned??


The infamous heel turn of Hulk Hogan.
This was fuckin crazy. Totally changed the face of wrestling forever.


Some old footage, but nonetheless dope.


The Long & Whining Road.



I had to pick myself off the couch after playing this game.

Those who know me from waaaay back know I've always been a skateboarding fan as well as a skater in the early 90's. This game brings me back to those days. Unlike Tony Hawk's games, maneuvering the board consists of using the analog sticks to do anything from an ollie to a tre flip (360 flip). The cities are similar to GTA in that they just go on and on.

The highlight of the game for me is when you get to the X Games portion where you launch off the monster ramp for the insane jumps(Youtube X Games

You can also get on Live and skate against other players in different competitions which is real dope.

If you've bought the Tony Hawk games, definitely cop this.


Yup...they're turning a poor high school kid into a super dope rapper!!! LOL. I get stuck watching this show here & there, I can't front.

The show begins airing Jan 12th @ 11:00am on MTV


Almost everyone that has seen this has had the same reaction, "Are they serious???"
Hollywood is really running out of ideas...


Almost 20 years in the game and dude is still bringing it. That's called "Longevity" kids


Easy KO for Kimbo on this one. I think it's safe to say that after this fight he should try goin at some up and comers. I mean...Bass Rutten is fuckin training him.

Should be over in the 1st round.


For the Radio Raheem in you!! LOL. Shit is dope though I can't front.

Supported USB flash disk and SD/MMC card to playback MP3 files •Enjoy your iPod without earphones •iPod control and charging •Watch video on your TV if using iPod Video •Good reception Tuner function (AM/FM/RBDS) •FM 20 preset stations and AM 20 preset stations •Show RBDS (Radio Broadcast Data System) text on LCD display •Alarm to wake up and sleep function •Accurately real time clock display •Separate bass and treble controls •Powerful speaker sound system (12W x 2) •EQ adjustment •Volume level indicator •AUX IN for extension function •Headphone jack output •Microphone input and volume/echo adjustment •Full function remote control •Using AC power or batteries for operation •Dimensions (W/H/D): 650 x 166 x 365 mm

Retail: $169


I'm dyin to hear this this album!

Quik & Terrace Martin In The Studio


I saw this a while ago. Figure I'd share it with my fellow crate diggers.


Our boy Will at it again...

This time he plays a "Super Hero", but not the type you're thinking of.

Drops This Summer


With special appearance by...