In what was set up for and inevitable blood bath was nothing short of two fighters past their primes trying to get one last moment of glory for a meaningless title.
Fernando Vargas took another L in a 12 round decision by Ricardo Mayorga. Vargas was put on the canvas in the very 1st round from a right hand that looked a little close to the back of the head (like it matters anyway).

Vargas had some moments of where he looked like he was facing Trinidad or De La Hoya again, but Mayorga would gather his wind and connect with those swinging right hands that ironically Vargas was eating up.

Vargas fell once again in the later rounds from another right hand just as the bell rang.

Vargas said this is his last fight at the young boxing age of 29. He's fought every great welterweight that his generation had to offer. Unfortunately, he could never get a victory over the likes of Trinidad, De La Hoya, Mosley who were the top names during that time. Regardless he'll be remembered as a tough fighter that brought a lot of entertainment and controversy which doesn't always hurt.


I read earlier that another trilogy of Terminator flicks are being made which takes place in the future with Skynet being in full effect. Christian Bale will give the flick (or series maybe?) some much needed credibility (not that part III was that bad...but you know).

Christian Bale (The Dark Knight, Batman Begins) has been cast as John Connor in Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins, says Ain't It Cool News.

McG is directing the summer 2009 release, which has an early 2008 production start and seeks to reinvent the cyborg saga with a storyline to be told over a three-movie span. Warner Bros. will distribute domestically.

The screenplay was written by Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines duo John Brancato and Michael Ferris.

The film is set in the future, in a full-scale war between Skynet and humankind.



With Wanderlai Silva vs Chuck Lidell already set to go, just add a couple fillers and we're good.

The UFC welterweight championship will be contested for just once in 2007.

Matt Serra (Pictures), who claimed the belt with a shocking win over Georges St. Pierre (Pictures) this April, suffered herniated discs in his lower back Monday, forcing him to withdraw from his anticipated Dec. 29 title defense against former two-time 170-pound champion Matt Hughes (Pictures), the UFC announced Thursday.

Serra and Hughes, who share a healthy rivalry, are coaches on "The Ultimate Fighter 6" and would have fought in the co-main event of UFC 79 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center.

According to, Serra, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt under Renzo Gracie (Pictures), was injured while demonstrating a move following one of his training sessions. A subsequent MRI revealed the severity of the injury.

"This is the hardest thing I've ever had to do," Serra said in a statement on "I've never had a back injury before; I could hardly get off of the MRI table. There is no way I can train through this, and I'm devastated, especially because this was such an important fight. I was looking forward to fighting Matt Hughes (Pictures). All my training was going phenomenally until Monday. All I can do now is to get better and to fight again as soon as possible."

The UFC neither named an replacement for Serra, nor announce whether Hughes would remain on the card.

(via Sherdog)




(Via Kotori Magazine)


The 80's baby strikes back! A lot of these vids are random, but very memorable to say the least.

Classic HBO Movie Intro

USA Saturday Nightmares Intro

This was my joint!!! Corny ass horror flicks. Gotta love it.

Super Friends Intro
This is when DC was runnin shit!

Junior - Mamma Used To Say
Woooooo!!!! Joints like this made the 80s. RIP Junior

Phil Collins - Sussudio
Did anyone every figure out what Sussudio means?
Regardless...slammin 80's joint


"That's a Huge Bitch!!!"


I'm takin ya'll to the 90's for a min. Enjoy:

Daytona 500- Ghostface feat. Raekwon

Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes
Chicks was crazy in this video.

Gangstarr - Mass Appeal
Just added more reason for me to love Gangstarr

De La Soul - BreakaDawn
This song never gets old for me. Classic

Nas - One Love (Q-Tip remix)
Wow...when remixes were "really" remixes!!


Jericho Returns!!!

Author: RL

After almost a 3 year hiatus, Chris Jericho made his return last night at Raw during Randy Orton's "Passing of the Torch" segment where hilariously he had a man run with a lit torch from The American Airlines Arena in Miami to the Bank Atlantic Center in Ft Lauderdale in the span of 2 hours (damn...give me that'd dude's workout plan...pause). As the torch carrier was making his way to the arena he was clotheslined by Jericho with a loud applause as he came out to the familiar Y2J music. So it looks as if Vince really needed Jericho as he's already set to face Orton sometime down the road.

Here's the video clip:


Saigon Quittin Rap?

Author: RL

This has been an interesting few days for Ol' Sai from his radio interview where he claims he was drunk in, threatening to slap the interviewer, sayin he'd slap Nelly if he were there, talkin more about Punchin Bag P (LOL...I like that one) aka Ballerina P and now sayin Joe Budden said a slick line about him and that he'd take him out too (you got all that?).

After all of this Sai said he's done with rap and how wack the game is. For the most part he isn't lyin, but quittin just before your album is supposedly droppin?? Obviously I don't think he's quittin by any means but it's just adding to the fuel.

I'm a big Saigon fan but at this point man just let the music ride out. Nobody is
discrediting Saigon as a dope MC because above all that's what he is.

On a side note:

Joe Budden did a radio interview with Hot 97's Favorite Jew Peter Rosenberg and he talks about Saigon's comments and offered to battle????

Check the audio clip:

Joe Budden Interview with Peter Rosenberg

(Audio Via HipHopDX)


Rap star Romeo Miller and Compton High School senior Demar Derozan signed letters of intent to play basketball at USC next season on Friday (November 16).

Romeo, who is the son of Hip-Hop mogul Master P., is also a standout honor student, who played for Beverly Hills High School.

At 6 feet and 170 pounds, the rapper will graduate this Spring with a full scholarship as one of the Top 15 high school point guards in the United States.

As a point guard, Romeo averaged 15 points and nine assists per game. He is look into fill the void that will be left by West Virginia standout, O.J. Mayo.

“USC is like a dream in a bubble,“ Romeo told “It's the best of both worlds -a great film school and a great basketball program. O.J. Mayo brought a lot of attention and excitement to the school and next year when he graduates, I plan to carry it on."

Demar Derozan, who is ranked the #1 high school shooting guard in the United States by the LeBron James Nike Camp, is also on board to play for USC.

Derozan, who stands 6-foot-7 and weighs 205 pounds, averages 24 points and eight rebounds per game and has been ranked one of the Top 10 players in the nation for the past four years.

He looks forward to playing under USC’s Coach Tim Floyd, who coached the Chicago Bulls and The New Orleans Hornets before landing at USC.

"I always in my heart wanted to go to a college near home in California,” Derozan told “With Coach Floyd doing a such great job last year, the decision to go to USC was a no-brainer."

I ain't mad at homie. From the clips I've seen him in, he ain't a bad player at all. Good luck.

(via AllHipHop)


Action-adventure G.I. Joe, written by Stuart Beattie, is coming to theaters on August 7, 2009. The film will be a modern telling of the "G.I. Joe vs. Cobra" storyline and its compelling characters that Hasbro created 25 years ago.



LOL @ callin Mobb Deep Sex on the Beach.


Nascar Shape Ups

Author: RL

No words really...just a funny visual from the Nascar event in Homestead FL yesterday.

(via: Fyfe)


After reading the synopsis I had to assume this was a late April Fool's joke. I was wrong. Check this:

High school student Dawn works hard at suppressing her budding sexuality by being the local chastity group's most active participant. Her taks is made even more difficult by her bad boy stepbrother Brad's increasingly provocative behavior at home. A stranger to her own body, innocent Dawn discovers she has a toothed vagina when she becomes the object of violence. As she struggles to comprehend her anatomical uniqueness, Dawn experiences both the pitfalls and the power of being a living example of the vagina dentata myth.



I posted the bootleg up earlier last week. Here's a high quality version. Brilliant marketing by Mr. Abrams.

Cloverfield Trailer

On the site there's a link that breaks down the trailer a little bit more into detail which makes the movie that more interesting.


This was this past weekend @ Soulfrito show in Miami


Chris Jericho will make his long awaited return tonight on Raw from Ft Lauderdale. How the WWE thought no one would figure out he was returning with all the cryptic shit is beyond me.
It's still funny to me how wrestling has changed (for the worse?) in the past few years. Grant it, Jericho is the first "Undisputed Champ" in WWE history, but even then he wasn't a main eventer. Now, you have to put him at the top with the lack of talent on that roster. But I'm glad to see Y2J back. Some of the old comedy will be back..agaaaiiiiinn!!


Just days after the sudden death of Donda West, Kanye performed in Paris to a full house when just before he was to perform Hey Mama he broke down in tears being consoled by band members. He got his composure back and ended the the night appropriately with Stronger.

Hold ya head up Ye.


It's Official!!!

I can't call this fight yet. Silva's striking is ridiculous and is 2nd to none. Hendo is coming off a loss to Rampage, so this has to be the next biggest fight he can take with the Middleweight title on the line. Regardless it's going to be nuts!!


In a recent interview on Cypha Sounds Lip Service show on Shade45, a supposed drunk Saigon went off on Nelly & Prodigy. Listen towards the end when the interview goes haywire. LOL @ Saigon. Classic.

Check out the audio here:



A Wade Union???

Author: RL

Word got out a few months ago about Dwayne Wade's rumored divorce from his high school sweetheart who he has two kids with. Now, rumors are flying about Dwayne Wade & actress Gabrielle Union being involved and being seen in South Beach.
I'll be checking the front court seats in the next couple of weeks.


I kept telling myself, one dude cannot bring a team back up from a slump. Well, with the nail biter against Boston on Friday and the win against the Nets on Saturday...are the Heat ready to play ball again with Wade back in the mix? Shooonuufff!!!!!!

The Super Featherweight title fight between Champion Joan Guzman and Humberto Soto lacked the fireworks that was expected by most boxing analysts. Guzman at times tried getting his Pretty Boy Floyd on with his dancing around the ring and ducking tactics. Guzman took a unanimous decision landing more punches and controlling the tempo of the fight. There's talk of a Manny Pacqueao vs Joan Guzman fight sometime next year, but I don't see that happening just yet.

In a disappointing PPV from the UFC, Rashad Evans took a close split decision over undefeated Michael Bisping. Not a bad fight at all, but nothing to go back and watch again for. Also, Houston Alexander's hype came crashing down with a KO defeat by up and coming Thiago Silva. The rest of the PPV wasn't really worth mentioning. Next month's card is a definite upgrade with Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlai Silva & Matt Serra vs Matt Hughes for the Welterweight title which takes place Dec 29th in Las Vegas.

Just before the anticipated Hatton vs Mayweather fight comes the 2nd installment in De La Hoya's 24/7 series covering the Welterweight showdown on Dec. 8th. Floyd's at it again with his shit talking that makes his haters either hate him more or begin to show love for him. Hatton's team are going along with the show basically hating of Floyd's flamboyant tirade. It should be an interesting and entertaining few weeks.