Here's an interview from Comingsoon.Net where the new generation "Supe" talks about his new movie Lie to Me as well as the sequel (or call it) to Superman Returns Man of Steel. I really hope there's more action in this one. But I'm seeing it regardless...

CS: Do you have any expectation as to when you might go to work on "Man of Steel"?
Routh: I expect that we'll be working early next year. I know that Bryan [Singer] has pretty much finished out "Valkyrie" and is back in the states and is zeroing in on the story that he wants to tell. Once that arrives it's going to move pretty quickly. I think that everybody is getting excited. It's been three years now, really. It's hard to believe that it's been long, but everyone is getting jazzed and ready to go again. I certainly am.

Rest of the interview:
Routh Talks Man of Steel


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