I was actually pollyin' with my man about which Common album was his best (you know...random Hip Hop talk) and I hold Like Water for Chocolate along with One Day It'll All Make Sense in very high regard. Like Water for Chocolate today is mostly remembered as the late Dilla's opus producing a good chunk of the album including what I call Comm's first hit "The Light" (I still hear that song from time to time on the radio). With all that being said, I put in LWFC for nostalgic purposes and totally forgot Premier had one of the highlights of the album with 6th Sense. I remember going to the Spitkicker show around the time LWFC was set to release and Comm shut the music off and gave a small speech only to end off with "...the revolution will not be televised...". As far as the crowd? Can we say...LOST IT???

Definitely one of my favorite artists and producers together making in my eyes an incredible joint that doesn't get the notoriety it deserves 8 years later. Enjoy.


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