YESSSSS!!!! Just the news I needed to hear from the atrocious day I've been having so far.

The fight will be held in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand on July 26th on PPV.

This fight has so much riding on it. You got the 1 guy who everyone wants Floyd to fight (Cotto) against the guy some say Floyd was duckin a few years back (Margarito).

Some would say this is a tough fight to call, but I don't see it that way. Cotto is far more superior with his boxing skills, has great footwork, and has built up his speed and defense quite impressively. Margarito, coming off another KO win over Kermit Cintron, ironically had a June 9th fight with Cotto last year but turned it down to fight up and coming Welterweight Paul Williams only to lose by unanimous decision.

I couldn't tell you how Cotto will come in and do in the fight because he continuously switches his style up during the fight. It really all depends on how Margarito comes in, which will probably be coming straight forward and pressuring Cotto (which Cotto is very good at doing too). Regardless, both guys will put on a hell of a show and I got Cotto winning by late TKO. gotta think these 2 guys will be in attendance for this one:


2 Responses to “Cotto vs Margarito Officially Signed”

  1. Randyman

    I kind of, sort of agree with you but I just think it will be close. My heart is with Margarito though. Nice writing and thanks for checking out my blog.

  2. Vee (Scratch)

    This is probably going to be the fight of the year.

    Then again I wouldn't mind watching a rematch between Cotto and Mosley, which was a very close fight.

    Cool blog.

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