I usually just chill on Memorial Day Weekend. South Beach is literally minutes away from me, but that shit is just a living breathing headache. But definitely check Nikki Beach if you ever get down there. If you don't mind a lil House music, definitely a chill vibe (Try the Mojito!!!)

So, let's see:

1. Pauli Malignaggi fought over the weekend and was rockin...wait for it...EXTENSIONS!!! But funnier than that visual, his corner actually had to cut his extensions midway through the fight because they were swinging around like Milli Vanilli in the Girl You Know It's True Video (I'm not exaggerating). Granted he took yet another close win, but it locks a Fall match up with him and Ricky Hatton who fought Juan Lazcano in the Main Event in an unimpressive showing. There were 2 points in the fight where Lazcano hurt Hatton bad only for the ref to step in and help Hatton to his corner to get his shoes tied (did I mention the fight was in UK?). He still came away with a win, but this was a clear sign Hatton should not face Mayweather again.

2. UFC 84 was over the weekend. Pretty decent card. The highlight of the night was definitely the video posted below.

3. Oh yea...copped a new whip


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