For those who aren't aware, there is a biopic in production based on the legendary Bob Marley that is set to release in 2010.

Martin Scorsese was set to direct the film but had to back out because of "scheduling conflicts" (usually means money). But news has surfaced that Jonathan Demme, who won an Oscar for Silence of the Lambs (Claaarriisseeee...), will take over Scorsese's role as director. Ziggy Marley will be the executive producer of the film.

Demme is also slated to direct a biopic on George Harrison and former president Theodore Roosevelt.

I can't believe it's taken this long to make a movie on such a legendary figure like Marley. Hopefully it will open more ears to his music as El Cantante did for Hector Lavoe.

From: BBC News


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  1. Cypha

    Should be better than that Biggie Flick- cuz that movie looks like STR8 GARBATION

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