This is from my man Cloud 9 who attended the Miami show last night. I really wish I could've been there.

Cloud 9:
I had a good time, dope show!

lupe opened it up. he did pretty much his whole entire catalog.
all the hits plus underground hits, kick push dope set.

Nerd was next and man i really loved their set, they did this new joint off the new album called "Spazz" and man that joint has a climax that really hits hard in a concert venue or just period, Chris Brown came out and crumped to it, very dope. they did all the hits, not as long of a set as i wanted but still one of the highlights for me.

third was Rihanna which was mostly something for my girl, she was ok to me, sexy as hell though.

and Kanye wow..this dude is like the Michael Jackson of hip hop, his set was crazy, the intro to it with the spaceship crashing the whole movie feel and theme park ride feel to it was sick. he performed each song with so much heart and energy. he did all the hits funny part during his set is when he had been "stuck on the planet for so long" he said man "i need some pus..." stopped then the female robot controlling the spaceship was like "maybe i can help you with that" then turned into bangin girl on screen which was the intro for gold digger, overall dope show.

My only complaint was the lack of surprise guests

With that said Timbaland came out in the audience to front of house and just hung out there for a bit during the intermission before Kanye's set and the whole place went nuts.


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