With just a week away from the 1st Indiana Jones movie in 20 years, George Lucas is spilling the beans on a possible 5th installment of the series. He states both Spielberg & himself left the option for a possible sequel leaving new cast member and Transformers alumni Shia LaBeouf as the lead in the 5th movie and have Harrison Ford play a role similar to what Sean Connery played in The Last Crusade.

"I haven't even told Steven or Harrison this," he told Friedman. "But I have an idea to make Shia [LaBeouf] the lead character next time and have Harrison [Ford] come back like Sean Connery did in the last movie. I can see it working out.

Ok...if they're going to make more Indy films (with Indy not even being the main character)...why are they not making Star Wars Episodes VII-VIV???

Source: Comingsoon.Net


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