This is actually my 1st "vlog" lol.

There'll be others behind it. Stay Tuned.


5 Responses to “Cotto vs Margarito Predictions”

  1. Borix7

    With you all the way on those predictions man.

  2. RL

    Yea man I just think you know what you're gonna get with a Margarito fight. Cotto on the other hand, we used to kind of expect what type of fight Cotto would bring but now it's a completely different story as he now uses his footwork a lot more, his speed and defense are up to par. He can box you, or he can brawl you or even do both simultaneously.

    I cannot wait for this fight. Thanks for checkin the site.

  3. Cypha

    Oh man I cant even believe we are talking about Cotto and Antonia Margarita in the same sentences. After Miguel destroys him can Margarita officially retire?

  4. RL

    LOL...the funny thing is the same talk came up when Mosley was set to fight Cotto. Everyone and their mother was saying Cotto didn't have the tools to beat Mosley and he'd be hurt by Mosley's power.

    Those same people today bring up the excuse of Mosley being old or that he was a shell of his former self.

    Man...fuck that. He beat a good Shane Mosley who IMO can beat Margarito. I'm convinced Cotto will need to beat Godzilla to get any recognition.

  5. Anonymous

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