Chris Byrd made news when he stated he was dropping down to Light Heavyweight coming off a lengthy career at Heavyweight. But once people finally got a glimpse of him at 174 pounds, the question marks raised about how well he'd do at 170 lbs and if his power (as if he ever had any) would transfer and if he would be too dehydrated.
Well those questions were answered this past Friday when prospect Shawn George knocked Byrd down 3 times making Byrd eventually quit on his feet.

I can honestly tell you this was a sad thing to watch. One of the knockdowns amazingly injured his shoulder as he was trying to catch himself making his should sort of extend upwards (you have to see it). His wife stated she will never allow him to fight again. Good call...

HBO put on a pretty good triple header last night highlighting the up and coming Cuban defective Yuriorkis Gamboa in his HBO debut against Darling Jiminez. Jiminez surprisingly stood really strong against Gamboa's constant pressure and speed. Gamboa though kept his hands down throughout the fight which actually kept Jiminez in the fight as he landed some pretty flush left hooks to the face and some to the body. Gamboa definitely has a promising career, but he definitely needs to clean up some of the flaws he displayed last night (mainly keeping his hands down)as his camp have already mentioned future fights with the likes of Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez. But keep an eye on him, he'll be a recognizable name very soon.


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