Sorry I haven't posted anything the past couple days. Moving can be a bitch!

But let's see...oh yea there were some fights this weekend.

The highly anticipated date of April 12th pitted both HBO & Showtime cards simultaneously with HBO showcasing the rematch between Antonio Margarito and Kermit Cintron and the main event consisting of WBA Welterweight Champ Miguel Cotto going against The Contender's Alfonso Gomez. Showtime's card was a Light Heavyweight double header with former champ Glen Johnson vs Chad Dawson & Antonio Tarver vs Clinton Woods.

Johnson vs Woods

The first fight I caught was Glen Johnson vs Chad Dawson. Man...what a fuckin fight! Both dudes were just trading punches throughout the entire fight. I think Johnson landed the harder and cleaner shots, but Woods came to fight too and was landing some bombs. But in the end they gave a UD to Woods 116-112 which is disputable, but regardless both men put on a crazy fight.

Margarito vs Cintron II

Sometimes I give fighters too many chances to impress me, but I think this was my last straw with Kermit Cintron. O)nce again Antonio Margarito beat the shit out of Kermit Cintron who's defense paralleled a one-armed midget. Cintron kept complaining during the fight saying Margarito was hitting him in the back of the head. In the end Margarito's pressure was too much as he laid out Cintron with a vicious body shot in the 6th round.

Cotto vs Gomez

The pic above says it all. All the naysayers and Cotto haters got a small yet impressive dose of an almost new Miguel Cotto who boxed, outclassed, and man handled Alfonso Gomez to a 5th round stoppage by ringside Dr (wow). Cotto looks a lot faster and if you don't mind me saying...flashier than I've ever seen him. Grant it Gomez wasn't at any time what most would call a "Potential Threat" (contrary to what some fools were telling me prior to the fight LOL). Cotto's constant pressure and body shots were just too much for Gomez as he looked like he got jumped by 2 guys.

So what's next??

Only the long awaited match up between Antonio Margarito (now IBF Welterweight Champ) and Miguel Cotto (WBA Champ) set for July 26th.

This should be one hell of a fight. I'll give my predictions as it comes closer to fight time, but this has Fight of the Year written all over it. Take note Floyd...

Tarver vs Woods

I hadn't seen much of Clinton Woods before this fight, but many were saying he was another great European fighter who would take Tarver to the limit. Well...that did NOT happen here. Tarver came in great shape and was the quicker & cleaner puncher throughout fight. Woods looked very stiff and didn't seem to know how to neutralize Tarver's jab. Tarver took a 12 rd UD.

And Next Week...

Bernard Hopkins vs Joe Calzaghe for BHop's Ring Light Heavyweight title...and it's on HBO (Thank God)!! I'll talk more about this later in the week.


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  1. Cypha

    Cotto is going to destroy Marigrito. poor gomez, he mustve thought he was still on "The Contender"
    there was no director yelling cut on saturday!
    How long floyd gonna keep running?!?

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