I should've watched this fight instead of HBO's snoozefest Saturday, but I'll get back to that in a minute. George St Pierre simply dominated Matt Serra this Saturday to be crowned the Welterweight Champ for the 2nd time. Not to say I told you so, but...basically. Serra had nothing for GSP as he was out wrestled and mauled by GSP until about 10 knee shots landed on Serra ribs for the ref to stop the fight.

Now on to Bernard Hopkins vs Joe Calzaghe

This is your classic example of a fight being built up to high expectations only to be a fight parallel to a ESPN Wed Night Fights undercard. Hopkins managed to score a knock down from a straight right hand that threw Calzaghe off balance. But Bernard never capitalized on the knockdown and began throwing punches and hugging Calzaghe liked he owed him his life. Calzaghe did what he could and stayed busy throughout the fight landing at a higher percentage but never hurting Bernard. The fight ended in a controversial split decision (some "brilliant" judge scored the fight 114-113 for Bernard) making Calzaghe the new Light Heavyweight Champion of the world and still undefeated.

With Bernard now out of the way, talks of a fight later this year between Calzaghe & Roy Jones have been brought back to the surface. Look for that fight to be made soon.

As Far as BHop, hang it up my dude. You've had an incredible career.

I found this kinda funny though LOL. Saw a few of these floating around.


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