Damn...this is a big blow to the homie. According to the ever popular Smoking Gun, Akon was never convicted of crimes he claimed on an interview stating he was looking at 75 years for a ring of car thefts in New Jersey, when in actuality it was 1 stolen BMW and spent a few months in jail but was "never" convicted.

So there was no conviction. There was no prison term between 1999 and 2002. And he was never "facing 75 years," as the singer claimed in one videotaped interview.


Source: Smoking Gun


11 Responses to “Akon: Not So Much A Convict Afterall”

  1. Anonymous

    How do you spend months in jail and not be convicted? Cops will try to treaten you with things that may or may not be true. "you will get 75 years for this if you dont confess"

  2. Anonymous

    Yea those cops are always trying to "treaten" those criminals.

  3. Anonymous

    You get arrested and charged but fail to make bail or are adjudged to be a flight risk, so you spend a few months with three hots and a cot awaiting trial.

  4. kevin

    He could have got 75 years,if he killed another prisoner in jail.So he was looking at 75 years,you rascist basturds suk.

  5. mike Belgrove

    I've always been very vocal in my hate for Akon. I think he's a clown. From darn near raping 14 year old girls to picking up and throwing people off the stage at his shows, hes just a douche bag. I took a little bit of time out and wrote about Akon today over at Highbrid Nation and I hope that the uncovering of his true past is a message to artists and labels that "keeping it real" doesn't mean making up some stuff.

  6. Anonymous

    typical. too lazy to even go out and do real crimes. what a waste of space.

  7. Teddy

    Well Kevin- he could also get 75 years in jail if he had actually committed any crimes. So with your logic, we're all facing 75 years in jail IF we commit crimes.

  8. Anonymous

    These rappers are all fucking fake chauvinistic deuchebags, case in point

  9. Em

    Let him who has never been a poseur cast the first stone...

  10. Anonymous

    I bet you wouldn't think GTA was so cool if it was your car that got stolen. Maybe we should get some role models that actually contribute to humanity, instead of these worthless bags of shit who think it's their divine right to destroy what other people worked to build.

  11. Anonymous

    Which party is he running for?

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