This was from a recent chat session Floyd was in for

Some of these questions had me rollin! LOL

By easywork: So I just got back from Floyd's recent chat that he had. Man it was hectic. There were about 30 people in there and people kept talking and getting banned. Chaos. Anyway, for those that missed, here's what went down.

QUESTION: Floyd, why don't you fight Cotto a fight the fans want instead of facing De La Hoya which isn't that appealing

MAYWEATHER: The Oscar De La Hoya fight is the biggest fight in boxing. Everybody knows that.

QUESTION: mayweather who is the second greatest boxer of all time after you?

MAYWEATHER: All that's objective. There have been a number of great fighters from different eras and I have a lot of respect for all of them.


MAYWEATHER: Anybody with any common sense would know that I'm not afraid of anybody. I'm the creme de la creme. what I got to be afraid of?

QUESTION: Floyd, do you plan on fighting in 2009?

MAYWEATHER: I take it one fight at a time just like I take it one day at a time.

QUESTION: Floyd I'm your biggest fan and a good friend of your fathers. I pray you both please work things out with him for your kids, yours and his sake. God bless Daniel Telley

MAYWEATHER: Thanks for your support.

QUESTION: Floyd, why wait until now to express your concern about Roger training Forbes? Why not express your concern when the fight was first announced and everybody already knew that Roger would be in Steve's corner?

MAYWEATHER: Let me make one thing crystal clear. I made it known from the very begininng that I didn't approve with my uncle training Steve Forbes. It didn't have to be Forbes. It could have been anybody who was fighting De La Hoya before our mega fight. All this bullshit about me coming out with this just now, it's a bunch of bullshit. My uncle knew I wasn't feeling that from day one. Why would I want the best trainer in the world to help Forbes beat De La Hoya when we're going to break our own record this fall?

QUESTION: why exactly did you and 50 cent get into a fight?

MAYWEATHER: I wouldn't even answer a question so ridiculous.


MAYWEATHER: Who knows what I've got in store for y'all, but like I said, we take it one day at a time, one fight at a time. But if I ever fight at the Garden, it'll be because I chose to go to the Garden. But everyone knows what the boxing capital of the world is and that's the great city I live in, Las Vegas!

QUESTION: Why you so scared of fighting cotto?


QUESTION: Calzaghe Or Hopkins?

MAYWEATHER: It should be a great fight. Both of those guys got a lot of experience. Hopkins has been in more bigger fights than Calzaghe, but Calzaghe is a very skilled fighter so it's going to be real interesting.

QUESTION: Mayweather, are u fighting De LA hOYA FOR SURE OR NO

MAYWEATHER: Oscar has to win his fight on May 3. If he wins his fight on May 3, we're fighting in a mega fight in the fall.

QUESTION: Thanks Mr. Mayweather for taking the time to talk to us. How have you been training for Big show? Also how can i get tickets for you delahoya fight?

MAYWEATHER: Yes, I have been training for Big Show. People are going to really be surprised at how I go about handling him come Sunday night. I appreciate all the support from my fans all across the world, please tune in. There is no rematch if he don't take care of his business on May 3, and that's not a given.

QUESTION: Who wins Zab-Mosley and would you fight the winner?Also, Floyd how have the wrestlers backstage treated you considering you are making a lot more than them?

MAYWEATHER: It should be a great fight with a great turn out. The fans will be very pleased with the electricity and fireworks for that fight. Some of them have been very supportive and some of them feel jealousy, but at the end of the day, it's business and because I put myself in this position with a lot of hard work and a great team, then how other people feel is out of my control.

QUESTION: Which are some of the boxers that you like to watch fight?

MAYWEATHER: I enjoyed the Nate Campbell fight. There have been a lot of great fights lately. Boxing is on the rise again and all I'm trying to do is bring more eyeballs to the sport. Since I am the face of boxing, I got to do what I can to elevate the game.

QUESTION: Floyd, reported Cotto just got a tattoo that says "Mayweather is afraid of me" , your thoughts? and what do you think of having Bernard Hopkins as number one pound for pound?

MAYWEATHER: A lot of people are entitled to their opinion, but there's only one best fighter in the world. Everybody knows who it is and it's not Bernard Hopkins. How can he be the best in the world when he just lost to Jermain Taylor? My record speaks for itself. All I'm going to do is continue to beat the best fightes out there.

QUESTION: Yes you are a great boxer and you skills unmatched but your money only attitude towards everything is really quite boring and pretty childish. You cant even get the fans to cheer you in wrestling. I think its time to reavaluate your persona and be more of a peoples champion and not some self centered ego maniac that is consumed with himself. Why do you and the other greedy ego maniac fight ever other year when im not wearing fishnets or buying magazines de la hoya expect us to shell out another 60 bucks to watch another version of dancing with the stars. Really the first fight was terrible and almost unwatchable. What is going to make this one better? Us fans deserve better.

MAYWEATHER: I can guarantee you this, if he gets by Forbes on May 3, the only thing going down with stars will be Oscar seeing them. I'm going to make him see them if he gets by Forbes.

QUESTION: Who has been showing you the ropes for WWE? Also, can I use the nickname Money?

MAYWEATHER: Just about all of the guys have been helpful with showing me a lot and giving me tips. I've been working with a couple of very good wrestlers to help me prepare for the big showdown this Sunday night in Orlando.

QUESTION: Floyd much respect.Who do you think will win between Cotto and gomez and what do you think about the ufc's aderson silva wanting to fight roy jones and do think it will ever happen? Good luck at wrestlemaina.

MAYWEATHER: Who cares about that fight? Roy would knock him silly if they fought in a boxing match.

QUESTION: Floyd, do you think you got beat in the sparring session with Paul Spadafora and does he impress you? Thanks for your time champ! and best of luck to you and your family!

MAYWEATHER: There's no such thing as getting beat in sparring because it is what is. When I boxed some years ago, I had been off and not doing anything for seven months. That was my first day in the gym and we boxed for six rounds. And if he got the best of me, so be it. what does it mean?

QUESTION: we all know that cotto has a glass chin,so once you're done with oscar pleeeeeeeeease show him like ricky hatton that he's an overhyped hbo poster boy myth.

MAYWEATHER: Everyone knows that Cotto is a fan of mine and I'll just leave it all that.

QUESTION: Everyone knows you ducked Tony Margarito and you claimed you were retiring. We are starting to see a very similar patern here going on with you and Miguel Cotto. Will you cry at the post press conference after the ODLH fight, and claim you are retired again to avoid fighting Cotto?

MAYWEATHER: Who is Miguel Cotto?


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