I can't wait until 'till this game drops. It finally got a release date of June 10th.
Check the pics:

Supposedly there's 40 "known" boxers in the game (which is crazy considering Fight Night has about half of that). The boxers included in the game are as follows:

Edison Miranda
Joan Guzman
Kelly Pavlik
Arthur Abraham
Shannon Briggs
Samuel Peter
Juan Diaz
Julio Diaz
Joel Cassamayor
Chris John
Steve Cunningham
O'Neil Bell
Daniel Ponce de Leon
Juan Manuel Marquez
Vic Darchinyan
Jorge Arce
Jose Luis Castillo
Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.
Andre Berto
Larry Holmes
Ken Norton
Joe Frazier
Joe Calzaghe
James J. Braddock


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  1. Cypha

    AWWW shit my dude Andre Berto is in there. But damn no Cotto?!?

    Boxing needs a union and a fighter's association so we can get a game with everyone in it. I feel bad coping this and putting money in King's pockets...

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