With the Welterweight Division being arguably the most competitive division in boxing, any fight which includes 1 of the 4 champions (IBF, WBC, WBA, WBO) is worth the watch as it affects future fights with guys like Miguel Cotto, Antonio Margarito, Kermit Cintron, and the every popular yet lack luster P4P best Floyd Mayweather.

Paul Williams fought Miguel Cotto victim Carlos Quintana for Williams' WBO title. From the beginning Quintana had no trouble landing flush left hands with Williams responding with pitty pat jabs. The fight got a little closer in the middle rounds when Williams stepped up the activity. But in the end Quintana had no fear for Williams' punches and continued landing left hands which in turn gave him a UD over Williams to capture the WBO Welterweight title in a shocker.

Now this just proves my point. Why people thought Paul Williams was a danger to Miguel Cotto & Floyd Mayweather because of his long reach beats me. Quintana exposed Williams as to having no snap in his punches being that Quintana is an easy target for the most part. There was nothing that Williams did that would garner him a fight against Cotto or Mayweather let alone fighting Kermit Cintron (which was the fight that was supposed to happen prior to Cintron's injury).

So what does this mean in the big scheme of things? It's one step closer to Cotto vs Mayweather. Quintana's camp obviously doesn't want another beating from Cotto, so pending the April 12th fight between Cotto vs Gomez & undercard Margarito vs Cintron, Cotto's stock will be rising enough for the general public to start asking, "What about Cotto vs Mayweather?" The time is getting near.


2 Responses to “Paul Williams A Threat No More”

  1. welter watcher

    Cintron vs. Margarito then Cintron vs. Cotto then ??? As for Paul Williams, he'll be back but like Cintron had to do in 2005, it will take some re-tooling. I think Dan Goosen had Paul and everyone else "thinking" he was ready to rule the division. Not quite yet. Cintron's old people thought he was ready back in 05 and he wasn't quite ready. He is now, and 2008 and beyond looks most exciting for him. Williams will be back but when remains to be seen. 3 champions from Puerto Rico in the hottest division in boxing. I predict Cintron will be the one who emerges!

  2. RL

    Wow...over Cotto??? I don't know man. I don't see that happening. I still have to see how Cintron looks against Margarito. Feliciano gave Cintron a tough time, but Feliciano gives everyone a tough time.

    I think Cintron will beat Margarito. margarito to me is a bit overrated. He's another one I ask, "Who have you beaten?". April 12th is possibly both fighter's most important fight of their careers.

    But yea Williams needs to go back to the drawing board. I don't even think he belongs at WW, maybe Jr Middleweight. He has no snap in his punches. As seen with Winky Wright, Pitty pattin all night = no big $$$ fights.

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