Word is spreading that HBO is setting up a double header for April 26th pitting Miguel Cotto against the Contender's Alfonso Gomez. Can someone say...mismatch??? Though Gomez bodied Arturo Gatti last year, Miguel Cotto is coming off a KO win over Zab Judah & a Unanimous Decision victory over future HOF Shane Mosley. This should go into the later rounds with Cotto doin what he does and goin to the body wearing down Gomez late.

...And speaking of Zab Judah, the under card is set to be Antonio Margarito against Brooklyn's Bad Boy (or crybaby?). Realistically this looks like a set up fight for a Summer showdown between Cotto & Margarito that should've happened 2 years ago.

Personally I would've liked to have seen maybe Kermit Cintron vs Cotto rather than Gomez. I like Gomez, but he's not ready for Cotto's onslaught. The Margarito vs Zab fight might surprise a lot of people. This is literally a do or die fight for both fighters (especially Zab).

And...it's on HBO, not PPV!!! Gotta be happy 'bout that!


3 Responses to “Cotto vs Gomez / Margarito vs Judah??”

  1. welterwatcher

    Cintron/Cotto...now you're talking!

  2. welterwatcher

    Get rid of Gomez. He's a fish out of water for this card. Get Cintron in there to make the show comlete!

  3. RL

    Though Cotto would hurt Cintron too, I think it's a more competetive fight.

    Let Gomez fight Chavez Jr. They were talkin about settin that one up too.

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