This Roy Jones vs Tito Trinidad fight is building up more steam than I expected. But when you actually look at the possibilities after this fight the build up is some what justified. Both fighters can possibly land a bigger fight depending on the outcome. Roy has actually come out publicly and challenged Joe Calzaghe saying he'll fly to Whales for that fight. Don't sleep on Tito Roy...That left hook can be a problem.

You can definitely call this a career ending fight for both being that if either fighter loses there's no proverbial "Green Pasture" to walk on for a bigger fight. "Now or Never" should be the Tag line for the fight if you think about it.

I'll give my predictions Friday, but here's the press conference:

Oscar De La Hoya has been throwing the notion as of late for a May rematch against Floyd Mayweather which would take place at 147lbs for Floyd's Welterweight title.

Am I the only who doesn't care to see this fight? Dropping down a few pounds to a weight class you haven't fought in in over 5 years just smells like disaster. I really hope they don't think their numbers from last year's lack luster, incredibly over hyped fight will garner the same if not more money. No chance in hell Oscar. I got some names for you Oscar...Paul Williams, Kermit Cintron, Vernon Forrest.


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  1. welterwatcher

    I'd love to see Oscar vs. Cintron. I think Cintron stepping up to a catch weight would present the makings for a tremendous fight.

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