It's finally here.

You can easily say Floyd's fights are the most anticipated for 2 reasons. Either his fans want to see him outclass a fighter with his flamboyance or people want that next dude to be the dude to give Floyd the knockout blow. Castillo couldn't do it, Zab Judah couldn't do it, Legendary Oscar De La Hoya couldn't do it. So why does Ricky Hatton have a shot?

Ricky Hatton is coming off a KO destruction of Jose Luis Castillo whom Floyd fought twice with one fight being a disputed decision to Floyd and the 2nd being a lob sided victory for Floyd. I've never been a big Hatton fan to begin with, but I have noticed the drastic change in his speed and power. His punches come at a lot of different angles which can throw Floyd off. He also throws at times 4-5 punching combos which can also give Floyd a little trouble being he waits and times the punches when they come at a 1-2 combo. Hatton though will need to pace himself and set up for the later rounds because that's when Floyd shows up. Hatton shouldn't try going for a KO blow early in the fight because it's not going to happen. Similar to Miguel Cotto, he has to pick his shots and see what punches in the beginning of the fight are the most accurate through Floyd's almost unbreakable defense. Hatton's body shots should play a key role as well as Floyd tends to lean back (no pun intended)with shoulders up. That'll be a great opportunity for Hatton to throw a 1-2 combo.

As for Floyd, on paper he "should" win this fight. He's superior in ring ability can frustrate Hatton with his jab keeping him away to set up for those lightning speed combos. This fight though will be a lot harder than the De La Hoya fight simply because Hatton keeps coming. Oscar tired out by the 9th round and that's when Hatton can explode with an array of power punches.

I've been back and forth with a lot of people about who's winning this fight. But I'll say what I've told everyone thus far. I want Hatton by KO, by Floyd Mayweather will get a well earned 12 rd decision to win the fight. Regardless it should be a great fight Saturday Night.

Here's a video of the final press conference:


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